Research Tools and Databases in Earth and Planetary Sciences

Covers: 1926-present. Citation analysis from articles 2006-present.

This is the BIOSIS Previews database with article citation counts added. Citations and abstracts to journal articles in the life sciences. Very interdisciplinary within biology, including biochemistry, ecology, genetics, microbiology, ocean sciences, plant biology, and zoology. You can search BIOSIS, BIOSIS Citation Index, and Web of Science at the same time. Choose the All Databases tab.


Covers: 1669 - present

Describes materials in geology and geophysics, in particular: energy sources, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, groundwater pollution, erosion, nuclear reactor sites, the structure of the earth, and geostatistics. Includes abstracts.

Large multidisciplinary search engine with results ranking and previews. Google Scholar indexes scholarly literature including journal articles. *Note:  free public access available at

Covers: 1907 to present; some from 1840 to present.

Database of articles and patents in chemistry and chemistry-related fields such as biochemical genetics. Also includes chemical information such as molecular formulas, structure diagrams, reactions, and experimental and predicted property data. UCSC students and researchers need to register for a password to use this database at the link above.

Covers: 1900 - present.

Multidisciplinary index to scholarly and authoritative articles. Provides access to all three parts of the Citation Index: Arts and Humanities, Social Science and Science. Search by subject, author, journal title. Cited Reference Search finds articles that cite an author or article that you specify.