Update of Technical Services Activities, Jan.-June, 2012

Update of Technical Services Activities, Jan.-June, 2012

Major Staff Assignment Changes:

Cheryl Dandridge retired in February 2012

Mordechai continued to be trained by Lisa on SCP record loading and on RT monitoring and ticket resolution, e-resource activation/registration, URL problem fixing; by Yi-Yen on the complete shelf-ready process.  He is now asssigning call number and subject headings to records when missing.

Varvara is member of ACIG.

Yi-Yen is supervising two students on database work and labeling.

Yi-Yen is member of SCP AC and CAMCIG, Digital Initiative Metadata Group.

Lisa and Mike are the UC-elink liaisons for Technical Services.

Kelly is being trained by Varvara to place acquisitions monograph orders and pay monograph invoices.  She is being trained by Lisa on RT monitoring and ticket resolution, e-resource activation/registration and URL problem fixing.



Establish procedures for the cataloging and processing of laptops, ipads, apps and their accessories.

Implement EBL PDA pilot.

Establish procedures for processing Duplicate Headings Reports in Millennium.

Review and implement guidelines for the replacement of Persistent Deposits in RLF's and Shared Print in Place (SPIP) mono series.

Conduct withdrawals from the Z-weeding project.

Conduct project to do corrections for the Z-Ref collection as requested by McHenry Reference .

Conduct withdrawals and re-labeling of the S&E Reference weeding project.

Process orders for the big year-end rush.

Process local serials cancellations.

Start copy cataloging of the Silverman gift collection.

Establish search strategy for reporting Hathi Trust holdings and submit data in June as a system-wide project.

Establish procedure for the routine quality control of Cruzcat database coding through batch searches to fix discrepancies and errors.

Identify missing OCLC numbers and enter them into Cruzcat records for ebooks.

Update various procedures posted on the Technical Services web site, including the comphrensive list of batch jobs conducted by Technical Services.

Participate in the NGTS POT 6 LT 1B Collection Service Staffing & Expertise

Participate in the NGTS POT 2 LT 1.2 UC Physical Processing Specifications