Software and Equipment

All Computers in both McHenry and S&E Libraries

  • MS Office (Macs:MS office 2008, PCs:MS office 2010)
  • Web browsers (Macs: Firefox, Safari; PCs:Firefox, Internet Explorer)
  • Printing
  • Standard web plugins
  • Acrobat reader with email configured.
  • FTP clients
  • Quicktime media player


Platform specific

  • PCs: Google Earth, Acrobat Pro, Google Sketchup
  • Macs:Acrobat pro is being rolled out (spring 2011)


Special Equipment


  • S&E Library: attached to most computers in the Cowell Room
  • McHenry Library: attached to most computers in the Infocommons


  • McHenry library: in the microforms area on the 2nd Floor, InfoCommons North near the print release stations.
  • S&E Library: in the Cowell Room

For multimedia equipment, see the Media Center.
For equipment inside study rooms, see Study Rooms.


Adaptive Workstations

  • Adaptive Technology Workstations are available at both the McHenry Library and the Science & Engineering Library.
  • For information about available hardware and software, please visit our services for patrons with disabilities page.


S&E Library Reference "E-Corner"

  • Directly behind the old S&E Reference Desk, there are three computers arranged in an "L" formation adjacent to the printer and print release stations.
  • These systems have the same exact software as all S&E Library public PC's and can be used as such.
  • Occasionally they will have special course software installed as requested by instructors.  Your instructor will have details.  
  • Fall 2011:  "R" Statistics Software, Edgetrack Linguistics Software.