Journal Costs & Cancellations

Average Journal Cost Comparison

Fiscal Year Average Cost in U.S. Source
2000/2001 $437.57
Library Journal; April 15 2001, Vol. 126 Issue 7, p53-58
2010/2011 $992.00
Library Journal; April 15 2010, Vol. 135 Issue 7, p36-40


NOTE: UCSC is clearly an outlier, having received a 1.5% increase in FY 2008/2009 followed by a 19% decrease in FY 2009/2010.

2013 CDL Journal Cancellations

UC Libraries Discontinue Taylor & Francis Systemwide Journals License

2012 Journal Cancellations

In 2012, as part of the process of meeting our collection cuts, the Library identified the following titles for cancellation:

Print Title with Online Accessibility Cancellations (XLS)

Print Only Title Cancellations (XLS)

Cancellation Guiding Principles

  • To the extent possible, we will maintain high-use local subscriptions.
  • We will cancel low-use, print-only subscriptions.
  • We will cancel low-use, local, current subscriptions for materials for which we also have online subscriptions for back issues (for example, for titles that are in JSTOR, PAO, etc.).
  • We will review for cancelation all titles that have substantial (20% and up) annual subscription cost increases.
  • California Digital Library (CDL) costs represent more than half of our permanent collection budget line. However, to the extent possible, we are staying in CDL-brokered packages for journals and databases because, while their costs go up each year, they are still the most cost-effective and content-deep option for our campus. Without our financial commitments to many CDL-licensed materials, our campus population would have far fewer resources available to it.
  • We will identify areas in our book approval plans that can be trimmed back through adjustments to our profile.
  • We will explore the cost-effectiveness and impacts of demand-driven purchasing options.
  • We will drop out of systemwide subscriptions that we can no longer afford, due to high annual subscription increases or low value metrics.
  • We will follow these principles and will consult if we have to deviate from them.