How Did We Get Here?

The History of the UCSC Library Collections Budget, FY2009 to FY2014:

The Library's base collection budget will have declined 40% from FY 2009 to FY 2014

Fiscal Year  Base Collection Budget 
2008/2009 $4,389,460
2009/2010 $3,559,460
2010/2011 $3,559,460
2011/2012 $2,830,190
2012/2013 $2,830,190
2013/2014 $2,631,328


Fiscal Year 2009/2010: 19% budget cut

  • In FY 2009/2010 the Library's collection budget was cut $830,000 from its $4,389,460 base; a 19% permanent cut to our base collection budget.
  • Librarians cancelled high-cost-per-use titles, duplicative but discrete subscriptions (print and online), and low-use titles to meet the permanent collections cut.
  • The California Digital Library (CDL) helped to broker as many cost-neutral or low-cost increases to our large journal package and database agreements as possible. These negotiations resulted in loss of access to some content but in return provided more stable local pricing (in many cases). As a result, our costs for content we license through the CDL went up, but not as steeply as anticipated. And, several systemwide databases were eliminated throughout the UC system.

Fiscal Year 2010/2011: Budget held stable at $3,559,460

Fiscal Year 2011/2012: additional 20% budget cut

  • In FY 2011/2012 the Library's collection budget was cut by $729,267 from its $3,559,460 base; a 20% cut.
  • The University Library's permanent collection budget became $2.8 million. The last time the collection budget was under $3million was in fiscal year 2000/2001.

Fiscal Year 2012/2013: Budget held stable at $2,830,193

Fiscal Year 2013/14: additional 7% budget cut projected

  • In FY 2013/2014 the Library's collection budget is projected to lose $200,000 from its $2,830,193 base; a 7% cut.