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Riverside, California. Mission Inn: interior, Spanish Art Gallery in the Spanish Wing;

photographed ca. 1915-1920

Branson DeCou Archive

  • Architecture
  • Art Theory
  • Book Arts
  • Ceramics and Glass
  • Commercial Art
  • Drawing
  • Fashion and Fabric Design
  • Film
  • Graphic Art
  • Minor Arts
  • Mosaics and Stained Glass
  • New Art Activity 
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Sculpture
  • Theater



Humanities and Social Sciences

Palace of Fine Arts San Francisco

Palace of Fine Arts, Panama Pacific International Exposition, 1915

San Francisco, California

Branson DeCou Archive

  • Historical Events 
  • Maps
  • Important Persons
  • Images of Natural and Human Environments
  • Economic Endeavors
  • Traditional and Ritual Objects

In addition to Western material, there is extensive representation of African, East Asian, South American, and South Pacific cultural groups. 

The Collection also includes a set of 6,000 slides on religion, history and anthropology from Harvard University's Center for World Religion. 





  • Astronomy
  • Biology
  • Chemistry and physics
  • Earth sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Medical sciences
  • New technologies


Potsdam: Einstein Tower in Potsdam's Science Park, exterior;

photographed ca. 1930. Tower built 1920-1924.

Branson De Cou Archive

UCSC Visual Resource Collection


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Unique Holdings


The Visual Resource Collection is the depository of the work of Chuck and Esther Abbott, documentary photographers of architectural reconstructions of national urban and suburban landscapes in the 1960s. Their photographs of the buildings of Santa Cruz are of special importance to local patrons.


Cooper House

Cooper House, Santa Cruz, California, photographed in 1971

Chuck and Esther Abbott Archive

UCSC Visual Resource Collection


Branson DeCou

The Visual Resource also houses the photographic work of Branson DeCou. His several thousand hand-tinted lantern slides of world travel views, taken in the early 1900s, provide viewers with an opportunity to see locations and peoples that in many instances have since been altered by social and economic changes, military intervention, and natural disasters.

The 1,475 slides taken in Italy are available for viewing on the Web. Visit the Web site! We are currently scanning the California slides from the DeCou collection.



The Sibyl Moholy-Nagy Architecture Collection provides glimpses into the pedagogical working methods of an important historian. Slides used in her architectural lectures, along with many slides of the work of her husband, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, are available for viewing.


Alumni Artists

Working with the UCSC Alumni Office, the Visual Resource Collection has been acting as a registry of alumni artists' work. Each artist may submit up to ten reproductions of work to the collection. Biographical information about alumni artists and descriptions of their work is maintained in the Collection's SlideCat database.


Food Santo Series-El Chile Rojo

©1981 Lithograph

Paul Rangell, Alumnus and Art Lecturer


Campus History

  • Aerial Photography
  • Early Site Views
  • Architects' Renderings
  • Building Construction
  • Campus Farm and Garden 
  • Campus Wildflowers


California Poppies

Papaverceae Eschscholzia Californica. 

California poppies: meadow view with lupine on the UC Santa Cruz campus

UCSC Visual Resource Collection


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