Withdrawal Procedure

In Millennium:

1.  Retrieve the item’s record by scanning the book’s barcode with a barcode reader or by call number if there is a volume, number, part, year etc. in call number field. 

Note: Records with BIB level "s" serial or "z" analytics, records with an attached or parent serial order and/or checkin record (including certain multi-volume sets) will be processed by the Serials cataloger.  Remove these items from your truck and place them on the truck marked "Serials," in Teri French’s workspace.

3.  View the Summary of All attached records to see if other (item or order) records are attached:

          a.  If only one item record is attached to the bibliographic record, or you are withdrawing all copies or volumes in a set:

                    i.  Mark the bib record for deletion: enter “d” in the BCODE3 field of the bibliographic record.  Bibliographic records with BCODE3 "d" will be forwarded to Melvyl to delete holdings on Fridays and batch deleted from the library catalog and from OCLC on the following Thursday or Friday.

Note: there must be at least one item record attached to the bibliographic record in order for Melvyl to complete the holdings deletion process. You may delete any additional  attached item records.                   

                   ii.  The bibliographic record will not be able to be deleted if there is an attached order record.  If no active item records are attached, code the bib record BCODE3 "h". This will delete holdings in Melvyl and OCLC. Also put a dated note in the item record the the book was withdrawn. 

Note: After order records are deleted, Varvara will do a search to find records coded BCODE3 h and change any records ready for deletion to BCODE 3 "d".

          b.  If more than one item record is attached to the bibliographic record, e.g. multiple volumes or copies:

                    i.  Delete the item record corresponding to the book in hand. 

                    ii.  Update the 934 (Library Has) field in the bibliographic record.  If necessary, adjust the bib record Location to reflect the updated holdings. 

                    iii.  If an item record cannot be deleted because it is on hold, have Shirley Hart or Circulation staff remove the hold.

Note: If there is a disk or CD-Rom item record attached, proceed to complete the withdrawal procedure, give the disk number to Shirley Hart.  The disk will be pulled from the Media Center and discard by CMT.

4.  The Preservation Unit keeps monthly withdrawal statistics.  The statistics will be generated by a hand-count.  In order to speed up this Reference Withdrawal project catalogers will count volumes with Se-lin labels (what we currently use to label monographs), as well as volumes that were bound at a bindery and have the call number stamped on the spine. Do not count items with foil backed labels since we did not count them as added to our collection in the first place. Give the number of withdrawals on each truck that you’ve completed to Yi-Yen.  The figure will be sent to the Preservation at the end of each month. 

5.   Push the completed book truck to the designated withdrawal space, next to Yi-Yen in Technical Services, for the next procedure, which is done by CMT. 

6.  The Library has an arrangement with several organizations to utilize our withdrawn volumes such as Better World Book and Taiwan National Central Library, etc.  See the UCSC Library “Deaccessioning Policy” and “Withdrawal -FAQS” for further information.  The “Withdrawn” stamp will be deployed at this stage, depending on the final destination.    


12/1/2010 yyh

Technical Services