Technical Services Annual Report 2005-2006

Annual Report
Technical Services

1. Cataloging / Metadata:

Work Accomplished:

  • Cataloged 31,955 titles and added 37,966 download records, plus thousands of record updates
  • Senior catalogers assumed greater leadership role in designing, revising, implementing, and training other staff on new or revised work procedures, in monitoring the cataloging workflow, in providing support for copy catalogers, in answering cataloging questions. Video, map, music, scores and CJK catalogers cooperated in the cataloging of CJK materials
  • Re-enforced consistency and facilitated new staff training in copy cataloging procedures by compiling the copy cataloging cheat sheet
  • Provided diversified assignments to copy catalogers and trained them to work on materials in non-print formats and in Special Collections; and to create original bibliographic records directly in OCLC using constant data and templates
  • Simplified theses cataloging to clear backlog
  • Enriched 1730 existing Cruzcat records for theses with department names and theses headings to improve searching
  • Improved the workflow of new receipts to ensure prompt and efficient cataloging and processing
  • Completed weeding project and updated serials records required by the Collection Move
  • Designed a daily global update process to ensure that records for books going to Science have the correct locations
  • Global updated locations for East Asian Collection and Child Curriculum collections and completed the oversize music scores project
  • Migrated from Passport to OCLC Connexion 1.5 and then to 1.6
  • Analyzed and devised the convention for local system record numbers and modified over 100,000 such numbers in Cruzcat to ensure proper record overlays and linking and proper record loading in Melvyl. Expanded Cruzcat transactions log size and created list file size to accommodate the increased transactions due to frequent massive global updates
  • Modified batch record loaders for both CDL and vendor records

On-Going Projects and Initiatives:

  • Added 6,000 ISSNs to Cruzcat. Looking for a better tool to locate ISSN for the rest of the titles
  • Establish procedure, train and coordinate copy catalogers to use global update to add death dates to personal authors in a systematic manner. Stop checking first time use headings in Cruzcat since print ribbons for generating such authority lists are no longer available. Used global update to bring LCSH in Cruzcat up-to-date. Waiting for new librarian to arrive for a review of the authority control policies and procedures
  • Establish procedure, train and coordinate copy catalogers to work on the cataloging of Rabinowitz CDs
  • Establish procedure, train and coordinate catalogers to work on the cataloging of print dissertations
  • Indexed uncontrolled series tag (490) for both phrase & keyword searching. Reviewing to adopt “Class Sep” policy for more books within series and monitoring the impact of the LC new series policy
  • Waiting for response to the proposal for a new way of providing access to computer games
  • Updated codes in Cruzcat to accept Integrating Resource records for database, websites and loose-leaf materials. Reviewing whether such records should be included within the Periodicals Scope in Cruzcat
  • New location codes for Shared Collections to be stored in SRLF and NRLF
  • Phased in transition to MilCat to get ready for the enhanced MilCat training

2. Serials / E-Resources:

Work Accomplished:

  • Maintained 1,179 ue-elinks, 5,519 print serials, 19,984 e-serials. Resolved 1,562 tickets, establishing and maintaining links to electronic full text in both Cruzcat and SFX
  • Relocated Serials Unit to make room for Receiving and the temporary loading dock
  • Defined and updated new Format codes in order records
  • Defined meaning of PRINT+ONLINE, PRINT with ONLINE and PRINT+FREE ONLINE
  • Generation of statistics for paid and free serials titles by automatic harvesting of data from Cruzcat

On-going Projects and Initiatives:

  • Batch load current publisher information into serials bibliographic records
  • Batch load Format fields into serials order records
  • E-Z proxy project
  • Devise automatic ways to generate a comprehensive list of locally subscribed titles
  • Cross train staff between cataloging and serials

3. Acquisitions:

Work Accomplished:

  • Revised replacement procedure
  • Revised firm order procedure to download OCLC records with call number and set holdings in OCLC at the point of ordering to reduce duplicate OCLC searching/deriving and save costs
  • Established procedures for ordering electronic monographs
  • Streamlined movement of materials from Acquisitions to Cataloging to reduce unnecessary re-shuffling of materials
  • Purged older order records and cleaned up orders
  • Crossed trained one staff to perform both acquisitions and cataloging work
  • Re-arranged workspaces to accommodate Serials Unit
  • Migrated from Passport to OCLC Connexion 1.5 and then to 1.6

On-going Projects and Initiatives

  • Coordinate Millennium training and set up procedures using Millennium Acquisitions for invoicing, record loading, ordering, receiving, cancellations, etc.
  • Review of new OCLC Connexion features
  • Participate in systemwide BSTF initiative

4. Section Challenges:

The Section has been faced with materials becoming increasingly electronic and information infrastructure going more and more web-based and inter-linked. How to integrate seamlessly the electronic into the traditional workflow will be our big challenge in the years to come.

Initiatives are also coming from national cataloging agencies (e.g. new formats for records, ISSN, OCLC record numbers, new OCLC Connexion and Millennium features, new web-based cataloging tools, new cataloging standards for serials—the Access level CONSER serial record), from publishers and vendors (new tools, emerging serials pricing models and licensing terms and publishing trends), and from UC systemwide (BSTF recommendations, UC Funnel Project, Verde, OpenURL, Digitalization projects requiring metadata skills).

Added to the above is the McHenry Addition and Renovation move of collections and staff.

All these require constant policy/procedure review, operation modification and staff training. During the past year, the Section has demonstrated great flexibility and openness to change by assuming new responsibilities, adjusting to re-assignments of duties, adopting new procedures/approaches to ensure that all the core functions are performed in a timely manner. We are looking forward to having the new librarian participate in these initiatives.

Some imminent projects on the way:

  • Review the indexing of ISSN, ISBN, LCCN, music numbers and other tags that affect linking and retrieval.
  • Transition of OCLC numbers from 8 to 9 digits with a new prefix
  • Transition of ISBN from 10 to 13 digits
  • Participate in the new UC Cataloging and Metadata Common Interest Group for a new systemwide information infrastructure
  • Participate in the new UC Funnel Project for OCLC/CONSER serials record maintenance
  • Review of UCSD’s METS wrappers and/or OCLC’s metadata extraction and creation
  • Review how to maintain Cruzcat order records for storing serials management data
  • More in-depth review of CDL consortial electronic acquisitions
  • Review of emerging licensing terms
  • Review of various outsourcing opportunities that are appropriate and beneficial to the section, e.g. foreign languages
  • Review of section operations in relation to other sections

Technical Services