Jan-June 2010

Update of Technical Services Activities, Jan-June 2010

Major Staff Assignment Changes:

  • Janet Mastropietro, our copy cataloger for 33 years, retired June, 2010.
  • Tasha Keagan upgraded from LA3 to LA4 effective July 1, 2010 to be the project lead for ERMS and for special projects. She will also learn to modify the III loaders.
  • Staff took furlough days or joined start programs to help reduce library expenditures.
  • Shifts in job responsibilities happened continuously to meet the department needs. With immersed cross-training, we will list projects without assigning them to specific units.

Completed Projects:

  • Canceled 1045 subscriptions/standing orders in 2010 and 609 in 2011.
  • Initial and weekly OCLC Local Holdings Records submission to OCLC.
  • Serials checkin transferred from student to staff.
  • Webinars on Tech Trends, Integrating Resources cataloging, 2010 Compliance Briefing: UC Ethical Values and Conduct complete, Conflict Resolution Tools for Action,CONSER/Bibco meeting. Professional Development on Six key skills for leaders, Training Absences from Work,Connexxus training.
  • Interviewed by SJSU Library School students on UCSC Technical Services operations.
  • 2008/2009 firm order statistics report

  • YBP/OCLC record load error corrections (4 weeks worth)
  • YBP rush order, Gobi select cart, order note implementation
  • YBP/Netlibrary cross-training for E-Resources Staff
  • Procard order analysis for 2008
  • Review of 267 records received in 2009 with no CAT DATE (21 records merged/deleted, added CAT DATE/location to 27 records).
  • Entered RDate and status on CJK records.
  • Reviewed 2,300 orders for accuracy
  • Filemaker Replacement Database Launched: 980 records loaded into the database and holding/edition information added, 293 titles replaced, 374 items withdrawn, 11 titles on op-search.
  • Fund/Status code change for 151 records
  • Manual: updated/wrote procedures Gobi: Selection List Ordering, Order Checklist, Ordering, Order Receipt. Replacements: Book Replacement Database info for Selectors, Loading Records, Entering Holdings/Edition Information, Replacing/Withdrawing Titles, Running Scripts/Emailing Selectors, Moving Records, Cataloging/Receiving Replacements
  • 539 item records with item status "a" forwarded to Circ for searching
  • 15,573 approvals received, 2,319 firm orders placed, 246 ebooks ordered, 515 CJK. Thirty-eight orders redirected, 150 orders cancelled.
  • Deleted/archived 11,543 order records.

Projects in Progress:

  • Review and modify load tables for CJK and for ebooks.
  • Train serials staff on copy cataloging of monographs.
  • A summer intern works on Heading Reports.
  • URL checking: cross-trained all Technical Services to do URL checking. Then have a volunteer work on the most problematic titles. Government publication URL in SCP records are being fixed or deleted.
  • Archive the documents in Web Archiving Services whenever possible by Government Publications staff.
  • Three staff trained to help ILL clear their Idle Queue backlog.
  • Three non-acquisitions staff cross-trained on Gobi ordering with the eventual goal of upgrading from ECOR to Edifact ordering.
  • Introduction of ticklers in order and checkin records.
  • Use scripts to create cron jobs in Cruzcat Item price update procedure.
  • Explored exporting To and From fields from payment records.
  • Use machine count and PERL script to generate physical volume counts for the whole library with the goal to replace manual count eventually.
  • Clean up summary holdings statements in checkin records.
  • Migrate Technical Services web site from websnap to Drupal.
  • Closer collaboration between Collection Development and Technical Service.
  • Work with ILL on Purchase on Demand acquisitions.
  • EBL ebook purchases and record loading
  • WorldCat Local pilot project
  • Next Generation Technical Services
  • Switch YBP vendor code in batch record loading

  • Update and loading Acquisitions manual from LibDocs to Drupal

Pending Projects:

  • Blackwell/YBP merge



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