Jan-June 2009

Update of Technical Services Activities, January-June 2009

Major Staff Assignment Changes: With increased cross-training where staff from one unit are trained to do work in other units, we will list a project under the most relevant unit according to the nature of the project, even though staff from other units have participated. By now, every Technical Services staff has been trained on copy cataloging routines. With the retirement of Terra, Mordechai will copy catalog both music scores and sound recordings and Terry Haugen will copy catalog maps. Mordechai, Tungyi and Yi-Yen continue to be up-to-date on Closed Dates authorities. Janet M. downloads revised subject headings authority records to make use of Millennium’s Automatic Authorities processing. Mordechai and Yi-Yen work on revised subject headings not updated by Millennium’s Automatic authorities processing. Tasha shares the responsibility in the production of the monthly statistics with Mike on alternate months.

Re-organization of Technical Services, effective July 1, 2009, will change the unit names and structure even though staff will continue with their current responsibilities. Acquisitions will include the acquisitions of both monograph and serials titles in all formats. Similarly, cataloging will include the cataloging of both monograph and serials titles in all formats. The third unit will be called Electronic Resources/Record Management to highlight the maintenance of the rising number of titles going online as well as the increasing batch record management activities in Technical Services.

1. Cataloging / Electronic Record Management:

Completed Projects: OCLC Reclamation Project monograph record cleanup: Duplicate OCLC numbers: Load Oxford Scholarship Online vendor record set and ebrary record set into OCLC; Load into OCLC 99 unique monograph records and unresolved serials records using batch processing (download, update using MARCEdit, import into OCLC and export to Cruzcat) Record selection profile for Promptcat revised to allow close to 99% matches Procedures for on-going OCLC holdings batch updates, batch deletes and batch searching Further Training of Terry Haugen on map cataloging Training of Mordechai on music cataloging Revised subject headings update using Millennium's automatic authority processing Procedure for OCLC holdings batch updates, batch deletes, batch searching, batch adding Cruzcat records to OCLC ebrary record set load and batch OCLC holdings updates/deletes & batch update 001 to 914 netlibrary record set title hooks Webinars on Parallel records, Expert Community Experiment, CONSER/BIBCO updates, How to present webinars Completed questionnaires on Preservation Microfilms, CalDocs,Shelf Ready, Reprint Coding,

Projects in Progress: Review and modify load tables Copy Cataloging cheat sheet review Training of Kelly on copy cataloging of continuations Review Heading Reports Batch download OCLC MARC records to overlay Blackwell brief Acquisitions records Pending Projects: Training on Classification Web / Catalogers Desktop / UC on the Funnel Project for OCLC/CONSER serials record maintenance Authority control issues Training on original cataloging basics Loaders to create both order and item records

2. Serials / E-Resources:

Completed Projects: Order status codes “s” and “o” vs fund code “sub-r”, “sto-e” reviewed Training of Kelly to derive serials records for new serials orders Serials Statistics review. Tasha to share monthly collection statistics gathering with Mike Serials checkin transferred from staff to student

Projects in Progress: ERMS data elements review and coding of resource, license and contact records procedure and guidelines Work on 1,000 Serials title changes records from Reclamation Cross train Kelly on URL verification and ER registration Modified monthly statistics procedure. Response to Obtaining serial counts using SFX Pending Projects: Review relationship between Collection Development and Serials Acquisitions Systematic review of vendor online availability reports and SFX Knowledgebase against local subscriptions to further activate electronic access Streamline the identification of online availability, pricing, license gathering/status check, and ordering of electronic serials into the serials ordering process for more effective management

3. Acquisitions:

Completed Projects: Allow overlay on ISBN in loaders Analysis of approval book returns Jan-May 2008 2007/2008 firm order statistics report YBP rejects project (347 records deleted manually) Procard order analysis for 2008 Review of about 620 reocrds with no CAT DATE (108 records merged/deleted, added CAT DATE/location to 109 records). Entered RDate and status on 136 CNPIT CJK records. Reviewed 789 orders for accuracy Reviewed 353 orders for replacement, 53 orders sent to bibs/sectors for review. Proposal to delete replacement orders for remainder of fiscal year, resulting in $7,500 savings to library and to establish more realistic replacement timeline approved. Completed replacement analysis for CCC (Collection Committee) Fund code change for 63 records Reviewed 96 records for open orders with RDATES Request to add 5,000 new order record allotments approved Canceled Springer e-book orders resulting in $9,473.76 in savings Nadine trained to use label queue Negotiated transportation surchage suspension with YBP Manual: updated Gobi selection list, copy cataloging cheat sheet, overlay of 020 for Blackwell approval records, dup check process Identified 1,454 item records with item status "a" for AUL's review Corrected 934 in 50 MARC records Completed Deposit accounts, Shared Print, ILS capabilities questionnaire for ACIG

Projects in Progress: Exploring the use of brief vendor records in OCLC for generating order and item records for firm orders when no full MARC are found, instead of keying them manually in Cruzcat. Switch YBP vendor code in batch record loading Replacement orders assessment Update and loading Acquisitions manuel to Lib Docs pages 4. Technical Services: Completed Projects: R2 review of technical services / collection development activities Projects in Progress: WorldCat Local pilot project Next Generation Technical Services Recruitment of Assistant Head of Technical Services Implementation of R2 recommendations Participate in library re-organization Workshops on Gadgets, Widgets and Plug-Ins, Flickr Pending Projects: Review new platform to be used for manual documentation

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