Headings Report, Duplicate

Goal: Identify and remove EBL duplicate records from Cruzcat.

A. Definition of Duplicates:

     1. For this task, duplicates are defined as records for the same content, e.g. print and e-version, different platforms for the e-version (SCP Duke CRC and EBL platform for the same book are considered a dup.).  If we already own a copy of the contents, we will delete the record for the EBL PDA e-version.

     2.  If we own partial content, e.g. only one of the volumes in a set, while EBL PDA has the complete set, or vice versa, please consult. 

     3. Minor discrepancies in 260 $c date (2010 and 2012) or 300 pagings (456) and 434 p.) are still treated as duplicate. 

     4. We do not own EBL PDA (793 EBL PDA ebook without CAT DATE), but we own EBL ebook library (793 EBL ebook library with CAT DATE  & already suppressed in LibCentral).


B. Create Duplicate headings report for a specified date range in Millennium Headings Report:

1. Click All to remove all check marks under "Report Type".

2. Click "Duplicate Entries".

3. Move "Record Loading" to left under "Limit to These Programs".

4. Leave "Exclude records without a CAT DATE" unchecked.

5. Under "Entry Date Range", enter the date of the load using the same date for "From" and "To". 

6. Click "Create" to create a list of records that Millennium assumed to be duplicates (The first entry already has a check mark by the report).  IMPORTANT:  when exit, ALWAYS check "NO" to avoid clearing all entries unintentionally.  Once the entries are cleared, it is difficult to retrieve them again.

7. Double click on the first entry to access the duplicate records.

C. Create Suppressed List in EBL LibCentral:

1. In LibCentral,  Acquisitions/Manage Lists, select Suppressed from drop down list menu to create the suppressed list for adding dup titles.  Note the total number of titles of the list .

2. Return to Acquisitions/Acquisitons Catalog, prepare to search EBL isbn in ebl (all books).

D. Identify and Process Duplicates in LibCentral and Cruzcat:

1. Return to Headings Report.  Double click in dup entry to open up 2 titles.  Open up the record for the cataloged book (entry without call number).  Open another instance of Millennium and search for the duplicate EBL PDA record. Resize windows to compare both records (publication dates may be off by 1 year; page numbers may not match exactly). If they are duplicates, then copy isbn and search it in LibCentral.  Check "select", uncheck "visible" and "save changes" in LibCentral to increment suppressed list by 1.

2. Return to duplicate EBL PDA record. Put "d' in bcode3.  Save and Close record to return to dup entry.  Click "Clear" (only one dup entry should have a check mark--important!!!) to remove entry from report.

E. Possible Duplicates in Cruzcat:

1.  If titles or volume numbers are entirely different even if they have the same call number, they are not dup.  e.g. HA345 K3.  Click "Clear" icon to clear that record entry.  Double click on the next entry.

2.  If dup found:

    a. Both EBL PDA & EBL ebook library found: get rid of Cruzcat PDA dup.  No action is needed in LibCentral. 

    b. p version found: get rid of Cruzcat PDA dup.  Suppress and make LibCentral record invisible

    c. Both p and non-EBL e-versions found (both have CAT DATE): get rid of Cruzcat PDA dup.  Suppress and make LibCentral record invisible.


F. Repeat isbn searches, check "Select", uncheck "Visible" & "Save Changes" for dup until all dup heading entries are cleared.

G. Make sure to answer "no" when asked to clear all entries in Heading Reports at the end of a session

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