Seeking Copyright Information

The UCSC Library does not own the copyright for most of the collections or materials held in Special Collections. Please consult with staff in Special Collections to determine if copyright is held by the UC Regents for material which you wish to have reproduced, and review the Library’s Policy on Duplication, Reproduction, Publishing of Special Collections Materials. Please make your request using the appropriate request and agreement form.

If you are interested in obtaining copies, reproductions or permission for use beyond “fair use” you must obtain permission from the rights holder, or make and document your reasonable attempt to obtain permission.

For collections and archives where UCSC holds property rights but not copyright, Special Collections will not undertake digital scanning without proof in writing of permission from the copyright holder.


Copyright resources:

• For a table on “Copyright Term and the Public Domain in the United States”, see:

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• To search for copyright records, registrations and documents in the U.S. Copyright Office at the Library of Congress see:

• To search for the names and addresses of copyright holders or contact persons for English language authors whose papers are housed in whole or in part in libraries in North America and the United Kingdom see the WATCH file at:

• To view the Copyright Clearance Center see:

• For University of California information on using copyrighted works see:

• For more information on primary sources and copyright guides see the following sites:
Stanford University:
Cornell University:

• For a comprehensive guide to “Getting Permission”, including “difficulty in identifying owners” and “unidentifiable/unresponsive owners” see the University of Texas, Austin site at:

• For a sample request for permission form see the American Association of Publishers website at: