W. W. Elliott’s Santa Cruz County, Calif. Illustrations with Historical Sketch. 1879.


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“HON. F. A. HIHN has the finest residence in Santa Cruz County. It is not alone the pride of the citizens, but a monument to the taste and good judgment of the owner. This mansion occupies an elevated situation on large grounds extending from street to street, and is a conspicuous and prominent feature of the city. The large grounds are tastefully laid out and amply stocked with choice flowers and fine trees. A wide paved drive extends from street to street, passing in front of the house.

The residence is of the most modern construction. Its rooms are large and well arranged, and the house is supplied with gas, hot and cold water, and all the accessories of a modern dwelling. Bay windows adorn the sides, and a lofty tower graces the front, from which the whole city and surroundings present a beautiful view.

The residence is indeed handsome and convenient in all its parts; the comely dwelling of one who by his industry and frugality is entitled to its ownership and enjoyment.

Mr. Hihn represented Santa Cruz County for the years 1870 and ‘71 in the State Legislature with ability and success. He was a member of the Board of Supervisors for six years, from 1861 to 1867. He has always been active in all efforts to promote the welfare of his town and county, giving aid to all projects he considers for the best interest of Santa Cruz. He is well posted on all questions of general interest, and a man of decided convictions as well as of wonderful executive ability. For him to plan is to perform; there is no lagging in any enterprise; when once started it is carried to a successful completion.