Grateful Dead Archive featured in The Atlantic magazine

Joshua Green in this month's The Atlantic Magazine discusses the phenomena of Dead studies, Dead scholars, and the appropriate location of Santa Cruz as the home of the Grateful Dead Archive. Mr. Green spent several days with us last year, and his article is insightful and articulate. He gives all the reasons why we're honored to steward this important Archive and make it accessible to fans and scholars.

"The Grateful Dead Archive, scheduled to open soon at the University of California at Santa Cruz, will be a mecca for academics of all stripes: from ethno musicologists to philosophers, sociologists to historians. But the biggest beneficiaries may prove to be business scholars and management theorists, who are discovering that the Dead were visionary geniuses in the way they created “customer value,” promoted social networking, and did strategic business planning...." Find the entire article at

You may also want to read "Grateful Dead Scholarship," Joshua Green's recommended reading for would-be Dead students, which is linked as a sidebar.