Access to Collections

Archives and other material in Special Collections are described in the University Library's local catalog CruzCat, and electronic finding aids to many of the collections are available through the Online Archive of California.


Owing to the individual or collective value or the age and fragility of items in the collections, it is necessary to maintain these materials under special conditions. Material does not circulate but is available in Special Collections to all users of the library. Advance notice is required for use of some material in Special Collections so that it can be retrieved from storage. Researchers are encouraged to call in advance concerning the material they wish to see.


If you wish to request a Special Collections item stored at NRLF please use the Special Collections NRLF Request Form.


Special Collections items are only shipped from NRLF once per week, on Thursday afternoons. Your request must be received by 3pm on Tuesday for delivery that same week. Only five items may be requested per week. If you need to request more than five items please contact Special Collections speccoll @  or phone 831-459-2547.  


Special conditions for use and handling of material are posted in Special Collections and must be followed. All researchers must register and show a picture ID to have access to any special collection or archival item.


Photocopying or other forms of reproduction of collection material may be possible; please consult the Special Collections staff.