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The Hihn Younger Archive contains a large number of documents, some of which are available on this website as image files or HTML files. For others, descriptions are provided. The documents and descriptions are arranged in the following categories:

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The Hihn Younger Archive contains two main collections of correspondence, one of F. A. Hihn & the F. A. Hihn Company from 1901 to 1902, and the other between Charles B. Younger Sr. and Charles B. Younger Jr. from1892 to 1935. 

The F.A. Hihn Letters

The Hihn Commemoration Program, Oct. 16, 1999

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The Hihn Younger Archive Summary Report

1992 - 2001
January 2002
by Stanley D. Stevens
Librarian Emeritus

Compilations and Transcriptions:

1992: Louis Edwin Hihn, From Childhood to My Last Hurrah: My Memorable Experiences. An Autobiography.

1996- Correspondence of Charles B. Younger Sr. and Charles B. Younger Jr., Santa Cruz, California, Attorneys 1998: and Counsellors at Law. [4,167 letters in 13 vols, plus cumulative index, of an estimated 70 vols]

Users of this Website will encounter names of members of the Hihn and Younger families. These charts will facilitate their identification and show their relationship to parents, children, grand-children, and great-grand-children.

Three brothers of the Hühn family from Holzminden, Germany, came to Santa Cruz: Frederick Augustus (for the Gold Rush in 1849), and twin-brothers Friedrich Hugo Hermann and Friedrich Emil Ludewig (in the 50s).

Correspondence of Charles B. Younger Sr., and Charles B. Younger Jr.

75 Years of Legal Practice in Santa Cruz County by Two Generations of the Younger Family, 1857 - 1935

The Correspondence of Charles B. Younger Sr. and Charles B. Younger Jr., spans more than forty years, from September 1, 1892, through May 12, 1935, the day that Charles B. Younger Jr. died.

Letters of F. A. Hihn & F. A. Hihn Company

November 25, 1901 - March 14, 1902
Transcribed and Indexed by
Stanley D. Stevens

About the Archive

A German immigrant to California's Gold Rush, F. A. Hihn is considered by many as the County's most influential entrepreneur, from arrival in Santa Cruz (1851) to his death (1913).

Charles Bruce Younger Sr. was Hihn's principal attorney and dean of the legal community, and the two families were united by the marriage of Agnes Hihn, Therese and F. A. Hihn's youngest daughter, and C. B. Younger Jr.