The Library Wants You to READ

This month, the library launches its READ™ Campaign featuring several campus leaders and their favorite books.

In 1985, the American Library Association (ALA) launched the READ™ program, which has proven immensely effective in promoting literacy among all age groups. More than 150 celebrities have donated their images for these posters, which convey the simple, but potent message—READ. The ALA encourages libraries throughout the U.S. to use local community leaders—adults as well as youngsters—as “celebrity models.” The ongoing response to the program has been so consistently and overwhelmingly positive that READ™ has become one of the most successful grass roots literacy campaigns ever created.

Dovetailing with rededication of McHenry Library, the UC Santa Cruz University Library launched its READ™ campaign in April 2012 featuring:

  • Chancellor Blumenthal, who posed with “Understanding Our Universe” by Stacy Palen, Laura Kay, Bradford Smith, and George Blumenthal.
  • Vice Provost Allison Galloway, who posed with “Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers” by Mary Roach.
  • University Librarian Virginia Steel, who posed with “Cultivating a Movement: An Oral History of Organic Farming and Sustainable Agriculture on California’s Central Coast” edited by Irene Reti and Sara Rabkin.
  • Committee on Library and Scholarly Communication (COLASC) members (top to bottom).  COLASC advises the Chancellor concerning the administration of the Library; represents the Division and its Faculties in all matters of library policy and advises the Library administration accordingly; submits an annual report to the Division on financial problems, allocations of space, facilities for research, and other matters within its jurisdiction.
    Andrew Mathews, “Herodotus: The Histories” by Herodotus; Lucia Orlando, “Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies” by Jared Diamond; Jaden Silva-Espinoza, “An Everlasting Meal:  Cooking with Economy and Grace” by Tamar Adler and Alice Waters; Stacy Kamehiro, “Pacific Art: Persistence, Change, and Meaning” by Anita Herle, Nick Stanley, Karen Stevenson and Robert L. Welsch; Roberto Manduchi, "Città Invisibili (Invisible Cities)" by Italo Cavino; Virginia Steel, “Wynn Bullock: Color Light Abstractions” by Wynn Bullock; Murray Baumgarten, “Our Mutual Friend” by Charles Dickens
  • Excellence in Teaching Award Recipients (2010-11) (left to right)
    Andrea Steiner, “Birdsong: A Novel of Love and War” by Sebastian Faulks; Robert J. Shepard, “Wiley CPA Exam Review” by Patrick R. Delaney and O. Ray Whittington; Randa Roland, “Four Laws that Drive the Universe” by Peter W. Atkins; Flora Lu, “The Poisonwood Bible: A Novel” by Barbara Kingsolver


To view the READ poster exhibit, please stop by McHenry Library, second floor to the right of the circulation desk. 

Every quarter throughout 2012-13, a new poster will be added to feature one or more UC Santa Cruz faculty, staff and/or students who are active in the UCSC community, posing with a favorite book.



All images and poster layouts designed by Elise Herrera-Mahoney.

2012 University Library READ™ Campaign
2012 University Library READ™ Campaign
2012 University Library READ™ Campaign
2012 University Library READ™ Campaign