Library website goes Creative Commons!

Creative Commons logo

The UCSC Library staff is pleased to announce that they are adopting a Creative Commons license for the library web pages effective February 2012. All content  created and owned by the Library will now be available under an Attribution (CC-BY) license. This license lets users distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon our work, even commercially, as long as they credit the Library.

"We've received a number of requests to re-use things like our popular guide and how-to pages. Offering our resources under a Creative Commons license lets people know we encourage spreading this knowledge," says Ginny Steel, University Librarian. "It's completely in line with our mission of utilizing innovative approaches to help people discover, use, manage, and share a wide array of information."

"Many of us like to use Creative Commons licensed material in our own writing and teaching, so it made sense for us to do this," says Katie Fortney, the Library's Scholarly Communications Officer. "Here at the Library - at most libraries - we're paying a lot of attention to copyright and technology issues, and we want people to know that."

The license does not cover licensed content or content that was used on the site with permission or under fair use - only things that the Library owns. For more details, see the page on Details and Exceptions.