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You can reserve any of the rooms described below using our Meeting Room Booking System.

Six group viewing rooms

Rooms 0331, 0332, 0334, 0335, 0336, and 0338 support group video study for up to fouteen people. Please click on the link for each room for more information about installed equipment and room capacity.

Seven two-person group listening rooms

Rooms 033903400341, 034203430344, and 0346 support audio study of music.  

Keyboard room

Room 0333 has an M-Audio Prokeys 88 MIDI keyboard with weighted keys for music study and practice. It also has Sibelius 5 notation software.

Adaptive technology room

Room 0337 has hardware and software to assist students with disabilities.

Group study room

Room 0351 is a four person group study room. It has a table, chairs, dry erase board, and external LCD monitor with VGA connection.

Large Viewing rooms

Room 0345 and 0349 are 20 person viewing rooms with BluRay DVD, surround sound and 52" monitor.

Sixteen open video workstations with 20" LCD HDTVs.

All have DVD players. Some have multi-region DVD players, VHS players, multi-format VHS players, blu-ray, and laserdisc players.

Thirty-six seat open computing laboratory

Macintosh and Windows workstations with Microsoft Office and other productivity applications. This lab has a flat-bed scanner and a black & white printer.

Updated 23 October 2013