Digitized Aerial Photos Index by Place

Search for digitized aerial maps by selected location. The full collection of digitized aerial photos is available for searching and browsing on the Library's Digital Collections site.
Place Decade Scale ⬇ CLICK BELOW TO VIEW INDEX MAP (Use to identify individual flight photos.)
Montara State Beach 1943-A San Mateo County Flight DDB 1940-1949 1:63,360 Aerial photo index map flight: 1943A_San_Mateo_County_Flight_DDB_Index_1
Montara State Beach 1967-E California Coastline 1960-1969 1:12,000 Aerial photo index map flight: 1967-E Aerial Photo Index 1
Montara State Beach 1978-C/D California Coastline Flight DPR-AIH 1970-1979 1:2,400 Aerial photo index map flight: 1978-C_Aerial_Photo_Index_1
Montara State Beach 1982-D San Mateo County Flight JSS 1980-1989 1:20,000 Aerial photo index map flight: 1982D_San_Mateo_County_Flight_JSS_Index_1