LAUC SC Secretary

Hints/Helpful Notes for Holders of the Position of LAUC-SC Secretary.

The offical duties of the position are outlined in the LAUC-SC bylaws.



Sends out announcements of upcoming Executive Council meetings, LAUC-SC meetings, and other LAUC-SC events.


  • Sends out a draft agenda with a call for agenda items to the Executive Council about two weeks before the monthly Executive Council meetings.
  • Sends the final agenda to the membership one week before the meetings.


  • Take minutes at the monthly Executive Council meetings.
  • Send the Draft minutes for review and approval via email to other Executive Council members.
  • Send final minutes to the LAUC-SC reflector no later than two weeks after the meeting date.
  • Post final minutes to the LAUC-SC web site.


Maintain the email mailing list for the Executive Council, and the mailing list for the membership as a whole.


Starting in August 2008 the Secretary will maintain the table of LAUC-SC Council Ongoing Tasks.  


The General Committee Chair is the LAUC Webmaster, but the Secretary owns and updates several pages on the LAUC web site. In addition to the new "List of Ongoing Tasks" mentioned above, the Secretary maintains the Membership list, the index to the meeting minutes, the Leadership and Statewide Representatives page, and other pages of an administrative nature as determined in consulatation with the General Committee Chair.


While the General Committee chair is in charge of the election, the Secretary is responsible for sending the results to the LAUC statewide Secretary. Send names of elected officers, along with number of votes for statewide officers.


At the end of the LAUC term (August 31), the Secretary transmits LAUC/SC documents, including selected pages/documents from the LAUC-SC Web Site, to Special Collections for inclusion in the LAUC/SC Archives. Items selected for archiving in the past include: minutes of LAUC/SC Executive Council Meetings, the annual CAPA report, minutes of the CAPA workshop, minutes of the annual CAPA meetings, the roster of LAUC/SC members, the roster of LAUC/SC Leadership and Statewide Committee Representatives, and final reports of any committees convened by the Executive Council that year.


Its very helpful to meet with the new secretary in person to go over the job duties and the website architecture. Give the new secretary a copy of this document. Work with Library Technical Staff and the new Secretary to:

  • move ownership of the LAUC mailing lists to the new Secretary
  • obtain permissions for the new Secretary to update the LAUC SC website

Inform the new Secretary of the following tasks that should be done shortly upon taking office:

  • Update the email mailing list to reflect the new Executive Council members.
  • Update the webpages the secretary maintains to reflect the new contact information on the bottom.
  • Update the web page that lists the LAUC-SC Executive Council Members, and the Members Of Statewide LAUC Committees.

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