LAUC SC General Committee Chair

Hints/Helpful Notes for Holders of the Position of LAUC-SC General Committee Chair

The official duties of the position are outlined in the LAUC-SC bylaws.

In a nutshell, these are the duties:


  1. As a member of the LAUC-SC Executive Board, attend and participate in the monthly board meetings.
  2. Organize one to three programs of interest to the general membership each year.
    • These programs have catered food, see notes on catering below.
    • Successful past speakers have been Deans of the Schools or Divisions giving updates on their departments and programs, and I heard that a talk on managing your retirement funds was also popular one year.
    • The entire library staff is usually invited to these events if the speaker is of interest to all, but it is also acceptable to limit attendance to LAUC members. Advertise the event via LibStaff email and in electronic Broadside. An email reminder the day before is recommended.
    • Barbara Taylor can book rooms in McHenry and has a general notion of what is scheduled in the McHenry Staff Room, though she does not officially book the staff room. Let Barbara know if you plan to use the staff room so she can let the other tenants of the building know that the event may impact their use of the room. If you use the staff room put up signs in advance warning people of the upcoming dates and times that the room will be in use.
    • Special Collections has a nice podium that they may let you use, and that they may even transport to the staff room for you.
    • Operatons staff can arrange for extra chairs to be set out in the staff room.
  3. Chair the Nominations and Elections Committee. By April 1 the executive board constitutes a general committee for this purpose, which you chair. Read the bylaws carefully regarding the nomination and election procedures.
    • The bylaws mention maintaining a roster of interest – what this translates into is making an email call for interest in serving in LAUC positions (both those elected and those appointed) shortly before the nominations and appointments occur, giving everyone a chance to participate and ensuring that the nominations are as open as possible. Keeping that list of interest current throughout the year in anticipation of an opening that has not yet occurred is not feasible and generally not necessary. If an opening occurs mid year (either in a local position or in a statewide position for which a Santa Cruz member is eligible) a fresh email call for interest should be made at that time.
    • Note that for elected positions (in contrast to appointed positions) you need to obtain a written statement from each candidate confirming their willingness to run (email is sufficient.)
    • Be careful not to put the appointed positions on the ballot. (That’s easy to do because usually there is only one person who expressed interest/was talked into running for each position, so the distinction between elected and appointed positions easily becomes blurred.)
    • Barbara Taylor can provide you with mailing labels for LAUC-SC members.
    • You/your committee counts the ballots and personally informs all the participants of the outcome prior to sending out the general email announcement of the winners (you or the LAUC-SC chair can send the final email announcement). The local appointed positions are announced with the elected positions following the election. However, the Secretary is responsible for passing our divisional votes for statewide positions to "big" LAUC (a.k.a. statewide LAUC).
    • Rough election timetable:
      • Before April 1 – committee constituted (better if done much earlier, see below)
      • Spring Membership Meeting – the slate of nominations is presented at this meeting, or at a special membership meeting called for that purpose (better to make the regularly scheduled meeting date). In 2001 this meeting was on April 5th, which was early for having all the nominations in place.
      • Election day should be timed to match the statewide LAUC election so both elections can be accomplished in a single mailing. In 2008 the statewide ballot and our local ballot was distributed on May 15 th, with Election Day (date the ballots were due back) on June 4 th. The Divisional Secretary had until June 16th to forward the election results to the Secretary of big LAUC.

4. Serve as Division Web Master. This became a duty of the General Committee Chair after the bylaws changes of June 2001 following the retirement of the paper LAUC-SC Handbook in favor of the newly revised web site. Therefore, the intent of the web site is to serve as a complete resource or electronic handbook for LAUC-SC members. However, the Secretary is responsible for posting the documents that fall in her/his domain to the web (such as agendas, rosters, minutes) so the two positions should work together to ensure the currency and completeness of the web site.

5. Chair any General Committees called for by the Executive Board. The executive board appoints the members of the general committees.

6. Distribute a Year-End Written Report of Activities to the Membership.

Catering Notes:

The General Committee Chair will be the expert at ordering catering in the course of putting on the presentations, but you should contact Barbara Taylor for Catering assistance. You are not automatically responsible for arranging the catering for any other LAUC function (such as the general membership meetings or the CAPA membership meetings).

(Prepared by Christy Hightower on July 5, 2001, revised slightly March 7, 2003, revised by Danielle Kane August 4, 2008, revised by Jess Waggoner April 7, 2014)

    1. (Optional) Contact Sara Puhl for the balance of the LAUC budget
    2. Select a caterer (NOTE: The Global Village Cafe is the perferred caterer for Library events. Their catering menu is available on the GVC webpage.) and determine the amount of food/drink needed for the event
    3. Ask the caterer for an estimate (when using GVC, Barbara Taylor can obtain the estimate)
    4. Request and receive approval from the LAUC chair (email approval is fine) for both the guest list and the estimate
    5. Send the approval to Barbara Taylor
    6. Barbara Taylor will send the necessary information to Library purchasing
    7. After the event, send an official invoice to Barbara Taylor (will be sent directly by GVC if using them)