LAUC SC Chair Duties

In addition to the duties mentioned in the LAUC bylaws, (Section IV.4.a.) the Chair should be aware of the following:

* At the beginning of the new term, make sure all LAUC Executive Board members have administrative rights to the LAUC web directory by emailing a request with Executive Board member names to library technical staff . The Secretary and General Committee Chair will be regularly adding and changing documents here, but it is useful for all Executive Board members to have access.


  • At the beginning of the new term get administrative rights and password to the LAUC google group by emailing library technical staff.
  • Members of the listserv can be added/removed as needed using the password
  • Use the LAUC listserv for regular communication (such as forwarding email from LAUC statewide) to the LAUC-SC membership.
  • Consider posting WORD documents to the LAUC portion of the library server.
  • At the beginning of the new term make sure new LAUC-SC Executive Board members have been added to this list: Email library technical staff with the names of new members.
  • Use the above listserv for communication with LAUC-SC Executive Board members only.


  • Book meeting room for all monthly LAUC meetings.
  • For McHenry 325  contact Library Administration Staff .
  • For the Science Instruction Room 215, contact the Science Reference Desk.
  • Make sure food arrangements have been made for General Membership meetings.
  • Host LAUC division chair (possibly) at one general membership meeting.


  • Don't forget to add new librarians to the LAUC listserv: See under adding members to the LAUC LISTSERVS above.
  • Show LAUC web site and location of LAUC online manual to new librarians: add new url here...
  • Work with secretary to make sure new names are added to the roster on LAUC-SC web site.
  • Call for LAUC volunteers to participate in buddy program and match new librarians with a librarian from another section, to meet for lunch and provide an opportunity to talk about life at UCSC and in Santa Cruz.


  • Attend the Academic Senate Committee on the Library (CoL) meetings with the University Librarian and LAUC Chair-elect. add new url here...
  • May be invited to attend the Chancellor's Fall Conference (new in September 2000)
  • May be invited to attend Academic Senate Meetings

Created by Ann Hubble 8/16/01, rev. 10/07 by Kerry Scott