General Duties

PAPAREP/LS: Section 1.6 Committee on Appointment, Promotion, and Advancement

The Committee on Appointment, Promotion, and Advancement (CAPA) is a standing committee of the Librarians Association of the University of California, Santa Cruz (LAUC/SC). Its membership and composition are described in LAUC/SC Bylaws.

1. The Executive Vice Chancellor and the University Librarian have designated CAPA as the committee to (a) review recommendations affecting appointments and any change in rank, salary, career status, or termination based on performance for those in the librarian series; (b) recommend appointment of ad hoc review committees and nominate members for appointment to such committees; and (c) nominate members for appointment to ad hoc selection committees.

2. The University Librarian has designated CAPA to fulfill the following responsibilities:

a. As appropriate, advise the University Librarian on the administration of academic personnel policy as it applies to the librarian series;

b. As appropriate, evaluate personnel procedures for the librarian series and recommend any appropriate changes to the University Librarian; and

c. Serve as liaison body between the University Library administration and librarians of the University Library at UCSC on matters within their scope which pertain to academic library personnel

PAPA/LS Section 1.3, #5 Assistant University Librarian, Human Resources

5. Serving as liaison between the University Librarian and the Chair of the Committee on Appointment, Promotion, and Advancement of the Librarians Association of the University of California, Santa Cruz.

LAUC/SC Bylaws

Article IV, Section 4, d. The Chairperson of the Committee on Appointment, Promotion and Advancement (CAPA) shall

1. Serve as Chairperson of the Committee whose responsibilities are described in
Article VI, Sec. 1.

2. Serve as a member of the Executive Council.

Article VI, Section 1: Committee on Appointment, Promotion, and Advancement (CAPA).

a. The committee shall consist of four members with the rank of either Associate Librarian, Librarian, Assistant University Librarian, or Associate University Librarian, three of whom shall be career appointees. Members shall serve two-year terms. Each year, the membership shall elect separately a Vice- Chairperson (Chairperson-Elect) and a member- at-large.

b. Three persons shall constitute a quorum for any committee action. If only two members are available, action may be taken by means of appointing ad hoc committee members recommended by CAPA members, concurred in by the Chairperson of the Division.

c. Any member of CAPA who is the review initiator, or the candidate for appointment, promotion, or advancement, shall absent herself/himself from all deliberations on that personnel action.

d. The committee shall serve as a liaison body between the library administration and the membership on matters which broadly pertain to academic library personnel.

e. The committee shall act as a standing review committee on all academic personnel actions within the library.

f. The committee shall present a written report to the membership. The report and any proposed changes in academic personnel procedures within the library shall be presented at a membership meeting.


General sources for policies and procedures:


PAPA/LS 2.1: Appointments

Academic Personnel Manual (APM) 210-4

Academic Personnel Manual (APM) 360

  • APM 360-9 Recruitment
  • APM 360-10 a. Criteria

Merit increases, promotions and career status actions:




  • Confer with the other members of CAPA regarding the CAPA workshop, especially with the Vice-Chair regarding tape-recording and minute-taking.
  • Confer with the University Librarian regarding the workshop, including topics CAPA or the membership wishes addressed (often as a result of the previous CAPA report).


  • Hold CAPA workshop. Vice-Chair takes meeting minutes.


  • Post minutes from the CAPA workshop to the LAUC Web page.


  • Receive list of librarians up for review from AUL-HR
  • Schedule CAPA meeting times for April-June.

April - June

  • Review packets are normally due during the first week of April. CAPA chair keeps the process moving and sets meeting dates and places.


  • After CAPA finishes work on all review files, CAPA conducts interviews with each LAUC member. The list of the LAUC members is available from the LAUC Web site.


Confer with the LAUC/SC Chair to establish the date of the general membership meeting to discuss the CAPA Report.

Write the CAPA report that should include the following sections:

  • Summary of Activities
  • Previous Recommendations
  • CAPA Interviews
  • Comments From CAPA
  • Recommendations

Send a draft copy of the report to the UL and the AUL-HR. After sending the draft report, CAPA should meet with the UL to discuss the year's activities and the draft report. Once the report is finalized, send the final report to LAUC membership two weeks prior to the LAUC meeting where it will be discussed.


  • Present final report to the LAUC membership at one of the regular LAUC meetings with recommendations to be voted on by the membership.