LAUC-SC General Membership Meeting 7-8-03

LAUC SC Meeting Minutes July 8, 2003 General Membership Meeting

Present: Deb Turner (Chair), Ken Lyons (General Committee Chair), Lucia Orlando (Secretary), and members: Bunting, Gomez, Hightower, Hsiung, Jahns, McGirr, Millsap, Murphy, O'Hare, Ramirez, White

  1. Announcements:
a) A copy of the LAUC Patriot Act Resolution will be sent to the UCSC Academic Senate Committee on Libraries, MOBAC, GGLN, and Liaison Librarians.

b) Bylaws change: The Committee on Commitees, Rules and Jurisdictions is soliciting input regarding a change to LAUC systemwide bylaws. Please review the report at and reply as to whether you support or object to the recommendations. Responses are due back to Cynthia Jahns, our CoCRJ representative, by 7/18/03.

c) Position Paper Task Force: Position Paper number one has been revised and is available at

2. SOPAG Reports:

The membership discussed three SOPAG reports: Shared Collection of Government Information, Developing a Shared Collection, and Collection Management and Coordination report. The general consensus of the group was that these shared endeavors should look back at what was learned from previous shared purchase attempts before moving forward with pilot projects. The group also pointed out that these reports give more consideration to the needs of graduate researchers who can usually wait to obtain material, versus undergraduates who typically have more immediate needs.

  1. Subscription to professional literature in librarianship: The membership agreed to purchase at least a one year subscription to the web version of LISA from CSA. The print copy of Library Literature will be maintained at the present time.

Minutes by Lucia Orlando