LAUC-SC General Membership Meeting 6-8-06

LAUC-SC General Membership Meeting Minutes 6/8/06

Present: Orlando (Chair), Marines (General Committee Chair), Kane (Secretary), LAUC members: Hsiung, Hubble, Jaffe, Jahns, Lyons , Mokrzycki, Remak-Honnef, Yeungling



•  Thank you for voting in the election- results will be ready by Friday June 9th

•  LAUC Laptops have been purchased for McH & S&E. Carrying cases are on order.

•  Hubble will be filling in for Caldwell as interim chair until January 1, 2007.

•  LAUC SC Representatives to statewide LAUC committees: Call for LAUC representatives is going out now. Committees in need of representatives are Committee on Professional Governance and Library Plans and Policies. Respond to Caldwell if interested by June 30 th , terms will start Oct. 1 st .



LAUC Spring 2006 Assembly Update

Report from Myron Okada


  • Expect timely adoption of state budget
  • Funding of Academic merits July 1
  • Expect 3% salary increase per 5 year compact (this is year 2). This translates into 2% COLA in October.
  • Benefits expected to increase 3%. Non-academic staff expected to receive .5% (one half percent) to address equity issues.


  • Decision has been put off for now. OP operating under Regents resolution to fund 95-100% of plan. Unknown effective date for employee and employer contributions to resume, but expected to be required sooner than later .
  • A retirement redesign option for non-defined benefit option is still being discussed. UC is investigating possibility of a 2 tier option.

Health Care Costs:

  • OP working to deflect health care increases. Costs will rise, and OP working on how to allocate costs between employee and employer.
  • Annuitant health care costs UC must start accounting for these costs. Does not mean the benefit will be abandoned. In 2007 organizations sponsoring this benefit will start accounting on an as you go basis .

Myron Okada went on to comment that pay and compensation issues have had a major impact on life at the Office of the President and have resulted in review and discussion of the organization of Office of the President. Examining appropriate campus and Office of the President relationships, disclosure, and accountability is still ongoing and other issues are likely to be discussed.

General update

2.a. Ad-Hoc Committee on Librarian Instructional Roles

  • Committee did not find evidence to support a recommendation for system-wide policy changes regarding adding label instruction to UC librarians duties.
  • Suggested that HOPS IL CIG conduct a survey of librarian instruction workloads as thisfalls within the scope of their charge to conduct Survey of UC Librarians and annually update the web page titled Information literacy: Campus Initiatives and Contacts
  • Campuses were reminded of importance of someone on staff obtaining certification for purposes of IRB Review (Institutional Review Board). Pertains to assessment and R&PD
  • Instruction roles will be discussed by LAUC later, no immediate action

2.b. Reports from statewide representatives to UC library groups

•  Scholarly Communication Toolkits released June 1, campuses will be asked to respond with comments: . Please send comments to Remak-Honnef at

Systemwide Library and Scholarly Information Advisory Committee (SLASIAC) •  Positioning and re-positioning technology and management of digital assets produced by and for faculty and administration •  High level statewide discussions occurring to answer the question: Is UC set up in the right way to respond to information technology needs •  SLASIAC and StdCmtCopyright: SCC will become a standing committee of SLASIAC Systemwide Operations and Planning Advisory Group (SOPAG) . 3. BSTF Update •  The results are up on the Web at the SOPAG site: •  Terry Ryan, UCLA, outlined the analysis of the feedback. The next steps are dependent on funding and resources. . 4. eScholarship/Institutional Repositories by Catherine Candee •  eScholarship usage downloads and uploads are increasing •  UCSD, bPress, and Proquest are working to make theses and dissertations available by providing a mechanism for campuses to allow students to electronically submit their papers •  UCLA hosting workshop July 15, 2006 .

Notes from Executive Board meeting

Bylaws •  Bylaws docs will be sent back to CCRJ for revision (ex: committees will be moved to standing rules) . Statewide vacancies: •  Be on lookout for call for representatives to SOPAG, LTAG, SLF (Shared Library Facilities). Usually a 2 year appointment, representative is selected by the UC Provost from candidates submitted by LAUC. . Possible idea of holding 1 LAUC Assembly due to increased costs and decreasing funds: •  In absence of agenda items, hold only 1 assembly or combined Assembly/Executive board •  Executive board would meet as usual •  Would allow canceling 2 months prior to give host time to prep or cancel Note: LAUC members present at meeting recognized the value of face to face meetings and felt that two LAUC assemblies should be held. Concern was voiced that holding only one Assembly would impede time allocated for committee reports and make the remaining Assembly difficult to manage. If you have additional comments or concerns, please send them to Orlando at by June 30, 2006Next Assembly will be hosted by UC Davis.



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  • Seven files were submitted for review this year. By June 1, CAPA had received five and reviewed three. CAPA is currently working on two files and awaiting receipt of two others.



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