LAUC-SC General Membership Meeting Minutes, 6/5/13 - University Library - UC Santa Cruz


LAUC General Membership minutes, 6/5/13, 9:00 a.m - 10:00 a.m.
In attendance: Marcia Barrett, Christy Caldwell (Vice-Chair), Greg Careaga, Robin Chandler, Elizabeth Cowell, Mary DeVries, Frank Gravier (Secretary), Christy Hightower, Ken Lyons, Annette Marines (Past Chair), Nick Meriwether, Cynthia Moriconi, Debbie Murphy, Lucia Orlando (Chair), Sue Perry, Beth Remak, Ginny Steel, Sarah Troy.
Announcements: Update on librarian recruitments.
Sue reported that two candidates for the temporary Web Services Librarian and Project Manager will be coming to the library for interviews sometime in July. CAPA will meet with the candidates but there won't be a public presentation.
Beth reported that, as of the initial review date (6/3/13), there were ninety-five applicants for the Archivist position. The selection committee will review the applications for the minimum qualifications required then begin a round of interviews via Skype to make a final selection of candidates to bring to campus for the full day interview. Those interviews will likely take place in August.
Assembly report: Lucia gave an overview of the highlights of the assembly.  Elizabeth's presentation on the new advisory structure was well received. Her PowerPoint presentation is available on the Assembly web site <> and a video of the presentation will be added soon.
A central objective of the Assembly was to provide feedback on the CoUL Plans and Priorities document. The afternoon session was devoted to breakout sessions to discuss various aspects of the document.  Feedback from those sessions is in the process of being synthesized into an advisory statement from LAUC which will be submitted to CoUL for their consideration at their June meeting. Lucia will distribute a copy of the statement to the division when it is available. Ginny remarked that this was particularly good timing for such a statement as CoUL will be reviewing the Plans and Priorities at their June meeting for potential revision in the upcoming fiscal year.
LAUC-SC Election results: Congratulations to incoming LAUC-SC officers, Deborah Murphy (Vice-Chair, Chair Elect), Marcia Barrett (Secretary), Cynthia Moriconi (General Committee Chair), Kerry Scott (CAPA Vice-Chair, Chair Elect) and Greg Careaga (CAPA Member at Large). 
CAPA report: Sue reported that CAPA has completed its recommendations for the 2013 reviews and is now working on a revision of the recruitment calendar. The revision will focus primarily on letters and when they are asked for.  Depending on the level of the position being recruited letters may be requested earlier for entry level positions and later for positions in the higher ranks.
Diversity Committee report: Frank gave an update on the committee's activities. An analysis of results from the 2011 diversity survey has been completed, a new survey was concluded in May, and the committee will meet next week to discuss that survey, a strategy for comparing it with the 2011 survey as well as with data from national and regional sources.  A full report discussing the 2011 survey and some of the conclusions that can be drawn from it was presented at the LAUC Assembly and can be found on the committee's web site <>.
R&PD report: Christy Caldwell reported that all of the awards have been made and the candidates have been notified. This year was particularly challenging given such a large number of applicants and limited resources. The committee worked closely with candidates to provide funding as broadly and equitably as possible.  Ten research grants and fifteen presentation grants were awarded.
Thank you to University Librarian Steel: On behalf of the LAUC-SC membership Lucia thanked Ginny for her leadership and years of service to UCSC. LAUC wishes her all the best in her role and the University Librarian to UCLA.
Minutes by Frank Gravier.