LAUC-SC General Membership Meeting 6-19-09

LAUC-Santa Cruz General Membership Meeting Minutes

June 19, 2009

Present: Frank Gravier (Chair), Sarah Troy (Vice Chair), Ken Lyons (General Committee Chair), Deborah Murphy (CAPA Chair), Nicole Lawson (Secretary) and members: Christine Caldwell, Anne Hubble, Lee Jaffe, Christy Hightower, Robin Dale, Elizabeth Cowell, Lucia Orlando, Kate McGirr, Ginny Steel, and Elizabeth Remak.

1. Announcements: None

2. Elections Update: General Committee Chair Lyons has forwarded the ballot to the membership. The final day to cast a vote will be June 24th. Ballots can be completed by hand or electronically, but must be returned to Lyons in hard copy form.

3. LAUC Laptops: New laptops have been purchased with the remaining for FY 08/09. One Mac and 2 PC net books will now be available to the membership to use for LAUC-related activities. The Executive Council will discuss and notify the membership as to how to store and circulate them.

4. Highlights from the Spring Assembly: Held at UC Riverside-Palm Desert Campus, Vice Chair Troy gave a synopsis of the first day:


Chair Gravier summarized the Executive Board Meeting:


  • Per LAUC President Dunlap LAUC representatives are still needed for for LTAG and SOPAG.
  • The Fall Assembly is scheduled to be at UC Berkeley, however there was discussion of reducing LAUC assemblies to once annually.
  • Janet Lockwood gave a brief update on the UC budget situation. UCOP has been restructuring and consolidating in response to the crisis.
  • There were 3 presentations:
    • Karen Calhoun spoke about what the 'Next Generation' means to OCLC and how it relates to Next Gen Melvyl.
    • Martha Hruska gave a report on the Next Generation Technical Services Committee and recent moves to increase collaboration and reduce redundancy based on recommendations given by Bibliographic Services Task Force.
    • Patti Martin of CDL discussed the impact and implementation of Next Gen Melvyl.
  • There is some confusion at UCOP at to role of LAUC as an affiliate organization versus that of an Academic Advisory Board. LAUC is working to clarify the situation, as greater restrictions are placed on affiliate organizations.
  • LAUC-LA submitted a motion to UCOP that LAUC be included in the emergency budget proceedings. President Yudof responded that LAUC would not receive specific representation, but would our concerns will be a part of the larger campus budget discussions.
  • Several campuses have discussed using Career Compass, developed at UCB, to revise the series concepts for staff positions. There are concerns about the short time given for comment and response on the changes.
  • LAUC-SC added the issue of MOP Loans to the agenda. The current policy allows faculty and senior management staff to be eligible for the program, while other staff can only be included by special exception. Before the statewide LAUC can move forward, LAUC-SC needs to get specific local procedures to granting this exception and share them with LAUC.

5. Counter-Offer Task Force: General Committee Chair Lyons, working with AUL McGirr and member Machlis, gathered information on practices at the other UCs.

  • The results breakdown evenly among the campuses:
    • 3 have no formal process and don't regularly make counter-offers
    • 3 have made counter-offers, but have no formal procedures outside of the regular review process
    • 3 have a counter-offer process that exists outside of the review process and is mediated by the Review Initiator, AUL and senior management.
  • Susan Fellows from UCSC Academic Personnel provided information on the faculty counter-offer process. Faculty must submit an abbreviated review packet which is reviewed by a departmental committee. They are eligible for off-scale salaries, where librarians are not. Members suggested additional professional developments funds, a change to the stipend amount for supervisors, and reasonable changes to work schedule and job responsibilities as alternative to off-scale salaries increases. AUL McGirr noted that recent changes to policies in Academic HR now allow for a review outside of the review cycle, however salary increases must follow the current step system. Lyons pointed out that LAUC needs to choose a direction for the counter-offer process, either using the review process or seeking separate a process with Library Admin.

6. No Action Review update: McGirr is in agreement with definitions of 'no action' submitted by CAPA. She has also expanded the definition in PAPA-LS to include various types of no action reviews. These changes will allow for a 'look-back' process in subsequent reviews. CAPA Chair Murphy proposed a motion that LAUC create a task force for no action reviews and the language used in PAPA-LS. Lyons seconded the motion. The revisions will be done by the end of August and will then be presented to the membership.

7. Ongoing Tasks List update: Chair Gravier briefly highlighted the changes in the structure of the list. Murphy noted that CAPA is seeking feedback from the membership on how to prioritize their assigned tasks. Vice Chair Troy gave an additional update to the list. With regard to 'Determining how to reflect accurately information about organizational memberships on the Admin webpage', these pages will be regularly updated by Bryn Kanar or AUL McGirr.

Minutes by Lawson