LAUC-SC General Membership Meeting 6-16-05

LAUC-SC General Membership Meeting Minutes Thursday June 16th McHenry Room 325 9:00-10:30am Present: Christy Caldwell, Lai-Ying Hsiung, Ann Hubble, Cynthia Jahns, Karen Mokrzycki, Ken Lyons (chair), Lucia Orlando, Kerry Scott, Fred Yuengling; Connie Croker (guest). 1. Announcements Election Results The officers for next year are: Vice Chair - Christy Caldwell, General Committee Chair - Annette Marines, Secretary - Danielle Kane, CAPA Vice-Chair - Frank Gravier, CAPA member-at-large - Kerry Scott. The results for the statewide elections have been transmitted to the statewide secretary who will report the final results to the membership. LAUC Fall Assembly UCSC will be hosting the Fall Assembly. The date is tentatively set for November 17th (with the Executive Board meeting on the 18th). Possible venues are being explored at College 9, and at the La Feliz room at the Seymour Center. Help will be needed with transportation to and from the airport on both days. 2. LAUC Spring Assembly update Committee on Committees, Rules, and Jurisdiction bylaws revision CCRJ undertook a major bylaws revision to bring them more in line with current practice. The committee proposed creating standing rules to make LAUC structure and performance more flexible. For example, standing committees would be listed in the bylaws, but their charges will be included as standing rules. The revised bylaws also clarify the allocation formula for delegates to assemblies, loosen restrictions on statewide officer recruitment, and open committee and executive board meetings to any members as long as they provide notice. The CCRJ also suggests LAUC pursue representation on Academic Senate copyright and library committees. The proposed bylaws should be ready for membership review by the Fall Assembly. LAUC e-journal report LAUC has endorsed a proposal for an open-access, peer-reviewed e-journal. The full report is available at There are some concerns regarding sustainability and funding commitment from UCOP that need to be addressed. Ad Hoc Committee on the Instructional Role of Librarians Kari Lucas is convening a committee to look at increasing the weight and importance of librarians' instructional role. She is soliciting members to represent the northern campuses, and comments. Please contact Ken Lyons or Lucia Orlando if you have interest in serving or have thoughts to share on this issue. Update from Myron Okada a) Health insurance premium increases are expected. They will be apportioned according to salary. b) UC is exploring a program with CSU that will allow undergrads to earn teaching credentials concurrent with their baccalaureate degrees. This effort is being led by MRC Greenwood and Linda Goff at UCOP. c) Pay increases: UC is currently 'considering' a 3% increase effective October 2005. 2% would go toward a cost-of-living increase and 1% would fund merits. Future proposed increases (also inclusive of merits) include: 3% for 06-07 4% for 07-08 4% for 08-09 3. Committee on Professional Governance CPG has been discussing the pressures surrounding recruitment and retention at the Assistant and Associate ranks. The discussion has been suspended pending other pressing matters before the committee. LAUC-SC members endorsed the suggestion that exit-interview data be collected to illuminate this discussion. 4. Allocation of unspent R&PD funds The MOU (article 3.D) stipulates that LAUC-SC should receive a base allocation of $12,960 from UCOP. It was not clear if both represented and non-represented librarians are included in the base amount. The library contributes the remaining amount to equal $900 per librarian. Connie Croker reported that LAUC-SC received $6,114 from the campus for R&PD in 2005, not from UCOP. This is half the amount stipulated in the MOU. Ken Lyons will pursue this to determine the practice at other campuses. 5. Merit review following a 'no-advancement' decision The principle parties with expertise on this issue were not present, and discussion was shelved. CAPA will be reviewing this issue at the membership meeting in October. 6. Librarian involvement in Academic Senate committees Ken outlined the background behind the issue of librarians serving on Academic Senate committees. He distributed a list and brief description of Academic Senate committees ( and detailed the level of librarian involvement with the Senate at both UCD and UCI ( Members are encouraged to review these documents and determine those committees on which librarians would be interested in serving (or not). Comments to Ken or Lucia. 7. Any other business: It was recommended that after subtracting funds needed for the Fall Assembly, LAUC use remaining funds toward the purchase of a new laptop. 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