LAUC-SC General Membership Meeting 5-9-99

LAUC/SC General Membership Meeting

May 9, 1999  8:30-10:30 am     McHenry Library Room 325

Present:  Blackmer-Reyes, Bunting, Chesley, Dyson, Gomez, Gordon,
Gravier, Hubble, Jahns, Marie, McGirr, Millsap, Mokrzycki, Murphy,
Remak-Honef, Soehner, Ritch, Turner, Yuengling.

Murphy called the meeting to order.


The Spring Assembly is May 26th at UCR (LAUC Executive Board meets May
25th). Murphy noted that in addition to discussion of the librarian top
step, the agenda includes a discussion of the draft of the LAUC Web pages
policies, guidelines and procedures document [a link to the draft is on
the Spring Assembly website at:]

Chesley confirmed the dates of the Fall Assembly which will be held at
UCSC:  November 18th for the Excecutive Board meeting and November 19th
for the Assembly. The location will be the UCSC Arboretum.

2.  LAUC/SC Slate for 1999/2000
Mokrzycki announced the slate of candidates:

LAUC Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect:  Ann Hubble
LAUC General Committee Chair:  Fred Yuengling
LAUC Secretary:    Kathy Blackmer-Reyes
CAPA Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect:  Catherine Soehner
CAPA General Member:   Frank Gravier

There were no additional nominations from the floor.

3.  R&PD Report
Chesley noted that the R&PD Budget has a healthy balance remaining.
Unexpended funds are distributed to librarians with  unreimbursed
expenses according to a formula based on rank (proposal from Soehner to
LAUC/SC dated October 29, 1997; approved at November 6th 1997 General
Membership meeting).

June 1st has been set as the deadline for Chesley to receive all R&PD
requests for 1998/1999.  Travel requests should estimate expenses as
closely as possible, for all categories of expense. [Sharon Call indicated
she is available to answer questions for LAUC/SC members as they prepare
their year-end travel estimates].

Dyson reported that the budget planning for 1999/2000 includes $850 R&PD
allocation per librarian.

Chesley clarified that local research and professional development are
covered by the same R&PD funds; professional development covers
conference and related professional development activities, not
membership dues.  Guidelines are in the LAUC Manual Section V.C. (R&PD
Workshop Minutes,  December 14, 1989).
It was suggested that next year"s General Committee Chair consider a
program on R&PD since it has been a number of years since the last R&PD

4.  CAPA Report (Jahns)
Work is progressing as expected for the year.

5.  General Committe (Mokrzycki)
See item 2.

6.  Librarian Series Proposal
Murphy initiated discussion of the LAUC Proposal for Expanding the
Librarian Series Salary Scales (
Kari Lucas (UCSD), statewide LAUC President joined the discussion at

Kari reported that the delegation appointed met a week and a half ago,
and will be meeting with Myron Okada and others on June 10th.
Discussion continued with Kari on the next steps of the process, the
relationship to  collective bargaining, unrepresented librarians, range
adjustments, entry level salaries, etc. UL Dyson suggested  that LAUC
continue its strong efforts with the University Librarians, Council of
Vice Chancellors and with UCOP to ensure the success of the proposal.

The General Membership meeting was adjourned at 10:30.

Minutes by Mokrzycki, mounted on Web server 5/13/99