LAUC-SC General Membership Meeting 5-5-05

LAUC-SC General Membership Meeting May 5, 2005, 9:00 - 10:30 am McHenry room 325 Present: Ken Lyons (Chair), Lucia Orlando (Vice Chair), Christy Caldwell (General Committee Chair), and Members: Greg Careaga, Cheryl Gomez, Frank Gravier, Christy Hightower, Lai-Ying Hsiung, Cynthia Jahns, Annette Marines, Karen Mokrzycki, Debbie Murphy, Sheila O'Hare, Announcements: - Santa Cruz will be hosting the LAUC Fall Assembly. The date has not yet been determined and all members are encouraged to answer calls for assistance for this event. - LAUC statewide is sponsoring two scholarships for the Spring Assembly in Santa Barbara. Contact Ken Lyons if you wish to attend. - Proposals for new position papers has been postponed pending work on the existing papers (Copyright & Fair Use, and Privacy). - Joan Ariel, UCI distinguished librarian, has been appointed the shared print planning manager in the Office of Systemwide Library Planning. 1. Nominations: Christy Caldwell presented the list of nominations for LAUC SC offices. There were no further volunteers for offices, which means there is only one person running for almost every office. The nominations for offices are: Vice Chair/Chair Elect- Christy Caldwell; Secretary - Danielle Kane; General Committee Chair - Annette Marines; CAPA Vice Chair - Frank Gravier, Debbie Murphy; CAPA Member at Large - Kerry Scott. 2. Bylaws: CCRJ is continuing work on revising the statewide bylaws. This will be a major item at the Spring assembly. Karen Mokrzycki, our representative to that committee, is willing to make herself available for a meeting as well as provide background on discussions when the bylaws are ready for review by members. LAUC-SC will need to review our divisional bylaws after the revised statewide bylaws are ratified. 3. R&PD funds: In past years unused R&PD funds were pooled and redistributed at the end of the year to members who overspent their allotment. Funds were distributed on a ratio basis, with lower-paid members reimbursed more. Under the current budget conditions, unused funds were last year not redistributed. The membership agreed that LAUC should first ask when the old allocation method will be re-instituted, and secondly, verify that funds guaranteed under the MOU are being fully reimbursed. 4. Service on Academic Senate Committees: The Academic Senate identified six committees that it was thought, both lecturers and librarians could sit on as non-voting members. The committees are: Academic Freedom, Admissions and Financial Aid, Education Abroad Program, Educational Policy, Preparatory Education, and Teaching. It was later discovered that only instructors of for-credit courses could serve in this capacity. Ben Crow, Chair of Committee on the Library, has agreed to draft a letter to the Academic Senate supporting the possibility of librarians serving on these committees. 5. No Advancement decisions: Ken Lyons distributed a sample proposed appendix to PAPA/LS. The proposed appendix clarifies the interpretation of a "no advancement" decision. It clarifies when a librarian would be reviewed again, and what previous work could be considered in the next review. It was pointed out that the proposed appendix could turn a "no advancement" decision into a deferment. The membership agreed there should be a clear definition of "no advancement". This will be discussed at the next membership meeting and then turned over to CAPA. Ken Lyons invited other thoughts and proposals. Respectfully submitted by Lucia Orlando, LAUC SC Vice Chair -- Lucia Orlando University Library Reference Librarian 1156 High Street UC Santa Cruz Santa Cruz, California 95064 Voice: (831) 459-1279 Fax: (831) 459-3620 -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL: