LAUC-SC General Membership Meeting 5-4-00

Thursday  May 4, 2000
 McHenry 325   8:30-10:00

Present:  Bunting, Chesley, Dyson, Gomez, Gravier, Jaffe, Jahns, Millsap, Mokrzycki, Murphy, Soehner, Turner, White, Yuengling
Guest:  Patsy Inouye (LAUC Statewide Chair)

1) LAUC/SC slate for 1999/2000
The nominees are:
Vice Chair/Chair elect:  Larry Millsap
Secretary:  Cynthia Jahns
Program Committee Chair:  Jan Dickens
CAPA Vice Chair/Chair elect:  Sue Chesley
CAPA Member-at-large:  Wei Wei

LAUC thanks the nominating committee (Fred Yuengling, Cheryl Gomez, and
Martha Ramirez) and the candidates for their work in organizing the

2) R&PD
There are three ALA meetings during the next fiscal year and LAUC-SC
anticipates an increase of R&PD fund requests from those librarians
attending the ALA conferences.  To meet these requests, LAUC-SC will roll
over $9800 of unspent R&PD funds from FY1999-2000 to the following fiscal
year.  This will provide an extra one-time allocation of $350 per
librarian, for a total of $1250 for the fiscal year 2000-2001.  LAUC thanks
Sharon Call for her help in calculating travel expenses and formulating
this budget.

3) General Committee Report
A program with Social Sciences Dean Martin Chemers will take place over the
summer.  Genral Committee chair Fred Yuengling will distribute more details
once the schedule is set.

4)  General membership discussion:  LAUC Sustainability
LAUC-SC members were asked to read two documents available on the Web,
first is a white paper  written by Kari Lucas, LAUC Past President,
regarding the structure of LAUC and its committees
(   The
second document is a listing of the librarian committee structure here at
UCSC.  It contains a listing of UCSC librarians on LAUC, CDL, and
SOPAG/UL's Advisory Committees
(  Sue Chesley will
convert this document to a Web page so that library staff can easily find
committee charges and representatives for feedback on statewide projects.
General points made during the discussion were:
- The library expects to hire seven or eight librarians in the next two
years.  The vacancies we currently carry require others to fill in for the
primary responsibilies of the vacant positions as well as committee work.
Thus the pressure on current staff is two-fold.   As more librarians are
hired, LAUC appointments will be spread among a larger pool of people, as
will the primary responsibilities in the library.
- Many librarians are working on CDL committees (such as the Tools and
Services Working Group) as staff to the CDL.  Representation on other
statewide committees, such a selectors' groups and database liaisons falls
in a grey area between review criterion one and two.
-Some committees have a LAUC representive as well as campus
representatives.  Though not in all cases, there are some committees where
it may be appropriate for a campus representative to report committee
activities to LAUC as well as the rep's home campus.
- The SOPAG advisory committees and CDL workgroups provide a great deal of
intercampus communication that once happened only in LAUC.  The charges of
LAUC standing committees are often similar to these other groups.  Possible
solutions to these problems are:  LAUC may want to convert some committees
to ad hoc workgroups that meet only when there is a pressing matter or task
for the committee to handle.  The charges of LAUC committees could also be
focused to address questions of interest to the profession, and steered
away from overlap with SOPAG and CDL groups.

Minutes by Chesley