LAUC-SC General Membership Meeting 5-25-12


LAUC General Membership meeting
Friday, May 25, 2012
10-11:30 AM
McHenry 4221
Present: Annette Marines, Lucia Orlando, Sarah Troy, Katie Fortney, Elizabeth Cowell, Christine Caldwell, Lee Jaffe, Elizabeth Remak-Honnef, Nicholas Meriwether, Lai-Ying Hsiung, Ken Lyons.
1. Call to order
2. Report from Chair (Annette Marines)
a. Highlights from COLASC and LMG. LMG has been considering reorganization issues, but everything is still in very early stages. COLASC (Committee on Library and Scholarly Communication) survey has concluded. The data has been collected and will be shared later. There were over 400 responses. This data may have implications for interesting conversations about librarian roles in the future and how we want to present ourselves to the campus.
b. LAUC Assembly
The Assembly was held on Thursday and Friday May 10-11. Thursday’s peakers included: David Hansen, the Digital Library Fellow at Berkeley’s Digital Library Copyright Project on copyright and digital libraries; Martha Hruska and Emily Lin from NGTS, and UL Steel’s welcome address featuring library statistics and trends. Slides and video are available at
Following the presentations was an exercise to split into small groups and talk about next generation libarianship issues. Results of these sessions will be shared later.
Friday was the Executive Board meeting and discussion of the previous day’s event.
The state-wide reports, including the state-wide R&PD report, are available on the Assembly website at
3. Report from General Committee Chair (Annette Marines, on behalf of Sue Perry)
It is time for LAUC Elections. Ballot will be sent around soon for local and statewide positions.
4. Report from CAPA (Ken Lyons)
CAPA plans on signing the last two reviews within the following week. There has been much work and discussion this year because of interesting/unusual reviews.
Head of Technical Services candidates will begin coming to campus for interviews next week. The dates of the visits are 5/30, 6/1, and 6/8.
The meeting for the 2010-2011 CAPA Report will be later this year when UL Steel can attend, likely June 4th, 4-5pm. The report was distributed at the General Membership Meeting in December.
5. Statewide
a. Committee on Professional Governance - Lee Jaffe
The Committee has been dealing with its two charges: to review local by-law changes, and to follow up on the CPG report on next generation librarianship. Notes on local discussion of the latter have started to trickle in. CPG will attempt to bring together the most cogent points into a single document, keep the discussion alive and move forward.
b. Diversity - Annette Marines
c. R&PD - Christy Caldwell
R&PD is running slightly off-calendar; as of the date of the general membership meeting, final recommendations for neither kind of grant had been sent to UCOP yet. CC anticipates that 3 research grants and 4 or 5 presentation grants will be recommended, and there will be some funds left over. Under the normal R&PD calendar, grant funds are supposed to be available July 1st.
6. Discussion: Reorganizing LAUC Executive Board
We have a lot of posts and not a lot of librarians. After next set of retirements we will have 14 librarians. The attendees discussed approaches LAUC-SC might consider in order to best run LAUC with the membership numbers we will have available.
a) Could we eliminate the General Committee Chair post?
The GCC is in charge of the nominating committee. That and other functions Could be ad hoc or eliminated. If GCC is eliminated, we will have to make it clear how programs and nominations are put forward under the new arrangement.
b) Could we move to a rotation system instead of elections?
Some of the smaller UCs do this. The intent is to eliminate the time-consuming task of finding individuals to run, and also to increase the likelihood that responsibility is shared equally. The issues of predictability of workloads and differing levels of responsibility were raised.
c) Other ideas/issues raised: How often do other campuses meet? Could LAUC-SC meet less often?
Vice-chair Lucia Orlando moved that the incoming Chair looks at both issues - modification of election processes and elimination of General Committee Chair -  for next year. Caldwell seconded. Vote passed.
6. Discussion: What does "next generation librarian mean at UCSC"?
The following questions were discussed, and Chair Marines and Vice Chair Orlando will distribute a Google Doc link so everyone can view and add to the discussion results.
What are the gaps in our skill sets as librarians?
What are the gaps in our organization as we downsize and restructure?
In what ways do we see ourselves fitting into the work of faculty and the campus? How are we of value?