LAUC-SC General Membership Meeting 5-21-98

LAUC-SC Spring Meeting 5/21/98

Present: Murphy, Gomez, Gravier, Dyson, White, Chang, Ritch, Chesley, Jahns, Ramirez, Gordon, Bunting, Hubble

Murphy chaired the meeting, as Soehner was out ill.

*Murphy reported on the LAUC State Assembly report.

The LAUC Assembly voted to add steps 6,7 & 8 to the Librarian Rank.

For a detailed discussion of other items, see the complete minutes of the LAUC State Assembly report which will be distributed to LAUC members as soon as they have been released.

*CAPA Report

Ramirez reported that it was a good year, with work finished in a timely manner.

*General Committee Report

Chang read the list of LAUC-SC nominees:

Vice Chair/Chair Elect

Sue Chesley


Wayne Mullin

CAPA Vice Chair/Chair Elect

Lee Jaffe

CAPA Member at Large

Jacquelyn Marie

General Committee Chair

Karen Mokrzycki

Hubble read the list of LAUC Statewide nominees:


Julia Gelfand, UC Irvine

Patricia Inouye, UC Davis


Kathryn Blackmer Reyes, UC Santa Cruz

Jim Larrabee, UC Berkeley

Ballots for both the LAUC-SC and LAUC Statewide elections will be sent via email to eligible LAUC members on May 27th. Instructions will be sent on how to cast ballots. Ballots are due in the ballot box at the McHenry Reference Desk before noon on June 12.

*Secretary Report

Hubble showed a draft version of the LAUC-SC web page, suggested to replace the LAUC-SC information on gopher. It was suggested that the LAUC secretary be in charge

of updating and administering the site. No objections raised to moving LAUC-SC information to the web.

Murphy agreed to follow up on amounts allocated for local R&PD grants.

Murphy suggested holding the Spring LAUC-SC meeting next year before the Statewide Spring Assembly meeting.

Minutes by Hubble