LAUC-SC General Membership Meeting 5-10-07


McHenry Library Room 325

May 10, 2007

Present: Christy Caldwell (Chair), Kerry Scott (Vice-chair), Lai-Ying Hsiung (Secretary), Frank Gravier (CAPA Chair), Debbie Murphy (General Committee Chair), and Members: Ken Lyons, Christine Bunting, Greg Careaga, Christy Hightower, Danielle Kane, Paul Machlis, Karen Mokrzycki, Beth Remak-Honnef, Lucia Orlando, Sue Perry, Sarah Troy, Ginny Steel

Chair Christy Caldwell called the meeting to order, a quorum being present and the LACU-SC General Membership Meeting Minutes dated Dec. 14, 2006 was approved.

LAUC Spring Assembly will be held May 30 at UCSD. Troy, Scott and Caldwell will be attending.

Library Administration is reviewing our LAUC proposal to include professional dues in R&PD fund and will arrive at a decision by the end of this fiscal year.

UCSC-SC nomination committee is finalizing the slate for the 2007-2008 election.

Linda Kennedy's report for the Spring Assembly with the two attachments, Proposed Changes to LAUC Bylaws; and Proposed Standing Rules of LAUC, were discussed. Recommendations from the report will be voted on at the Spring Assembly. Members were asked to submit their comments to Caldwell, Mokrzycki or Murphy.

Caldwell will submit for discussion at the Spring Assembly the LAUC-SC approved Resolution drafted by Jahns regarding a survey to gather annual statistics of librarians leaving UC.

Steel reported that the first date of work at our library for Robin Dale, our new AUL for Collections/Library Information Systems, will be June 18. The search for the AUL for Public Services is still in process. The possibility of using a search firm could be an option. An interim AUL for Public Services might need to be appointed if the search takes too long.

Members are reminded to review and submit comments on the Librarian Workload Survey Results.

General Membership Meeting ended at 10 am.

-Minutes by Hsiung