LAUC-SC General Membership Meeting 4-24-03

LAUC-SC General Membership Meeting Minutes and LAUC-SCX meeting minutes, 04/24/03

Present: Turner (Chair), Careaga (Vice Chair), Lyons (General Committee Chair), Machlis (CAPA Chair), Orlando (Secretary) and members: Deborah Murphy, Sheila O'Hare, Margaret Gordon, Lai-Ying Hsiung, Christine Bunting, Bob White, Kerry Scott, Frank Gravier, Larry Millsap, Karen Mokrzycki, Annette Marines, Cynthia Jahns, Fred Yeungling, Beth Remak-Honnef, Lan Dyson, Kate McGirr.

1. ALA has issued a statement advising members that WHO has added Toronto to a SARS travel advisory. Basically it reads those travelling to Toronto should consider postponing all but essential travel to that area. This travel advisory may be revised and anyone considering travel to Toronto should check the ALA website for updates.

2. University Librarian Search: A forum regarding academia and the library will be held on May 9th, at the UCSC Alumni Room (next to the University Center,above the College 9 dining hall) from 1-3pm. Speakers include: Sarah Pritchard, Daniel Greenstein, Peter Lyman and Carla Stoffle. The forum will help stimulate thinking about the role of the library.

3. LAUC Spring Assembly Travel Grant. A travel grant is available for new members to attend the Spring assembly. Additional information can be found on the LAUC statewide website.

4. The LAUC Fall Assembly will be hosted by UCSC. The assembly will take place in November or December. [note: UCB has since agreed to host the Fall Assembly due to anticipated UL recruitment interviews at UCSC]

General Membership Discussion
1. LAUC Distinguished Step
The Committee on Professional Governance suggested specific language to clarify Position Paper number one. The LAUC SC membership went over the proposed changes and indicated support for or against each item. Members expressed support for all proposed changes with the exception of the capstone language in paragraph 8. The group recommended a friendly amendment so that the sentence in question reads "Advancement to the top of the Librarian rank should be predicated upon a history of continuing outstanding service".

Other comments included: It was felt that references to step 5 should be removed entirely from the document, as it is no longer the top step. It was also noted that the APM implies represented librarians, and references to University Personnel policies must make it clear they refer to both represented and non-represented librarians.

Members encouraged further discussion of the Distinguished step, specifically:
1. Criteria for achieving the distinguished step.
2. Step level(s) at which librarians are eligible for Distinguished status
3. Creation of a position paper relating solely to the Distinguished step
4. Criteria for moving up in steps after attaining the Distinguished step
5. Un-coupling the Distinguished step from the step process
6. Eliminating the Distinguished step all together
7. Issues raised in the November 2002 LAUC-SC meeting (Turner agreed to forward notes to LAUC)

2. LAUC-SC Emeritus
The membership discussed a revised version of PAPA/LS Appendix XIX: Procedure
for Conferring Emeritus Status proposed by Library Administration. The membership
endorsed changes that provide for the possibility of a CATS network account for library related work, in addition to the library server account provided to every emeritus. The revised appendix also includes other changes that clarify and bring up-to-date the procedures and benefits related to emeritus status. 

3. LAUC USA Patriot Act Resolution
UC Riverside has proposed a draft resolution regarding the USA Patriot Act. LAUC SC members expressed support for passage of this resolution by LAUC statewide.

4. Library research databases:
Lyons presented a document outlining the costs, scope, and UC-wide holdings for Library Literature and LISA. The membership delayed endorsing a purchasing decision and instead requested continuing negotiation with the vendors to obtain more favorable pricing and possibly backfiles on CD-ROM.

5. Lyons announced nominees for LAUC SC offices:
Vice-Chair: Ken Lyons
CAPA Vice-Chair: Frank Gravier; Lee Jaffe; Catherine Soehner
CAPA Member-at-Large: Ann Hubble; Lai-Ying Hsiung
Secretary: Sheila O'Hare
General Committee Chair: Annette Marines
Members of the nominating committee included Ken Lyons, Sue Chesley, and Wei Wei

The LAUC General Membership meeting ended at 10:35am

LAUC-SCX Meeting Minutes
Present: LAUC SCX officers, and member Debbie Murphy
1. LAUC Fall Assembly (hosted by UCSC):
Turner noted that the prospective Fall Assembly dates (November and December) may possibly conflict with the University Librarian interviews. Turner will ask for a deferment from LAUC. If it is not granted, then the group agreed on the most suitable dates for the assembly (in order of preference): December 5, December 12, November 21.

2. LAUC Election Calendar & bylaws:
The LAUC election calendar and the LAUC bylaws have been updated, and LAUC-SC will need to do the same.

3. University Librarian Panel at the Spring Assembly:
A panel of University Librarians will be answering questions from the membership. Each campus is asked to submit three questions relating to seven topical areas. Turner will send out the call for questions and the list of topics in a separate email.   

Minutes by Lucia Orlando (Secretary)

Minutes approved by Executive board 5/8/03