LAUC-SC General Membership Meeting Minutes, 3/27/13

LAUC SC General Membership Meeting

4221 McHenry Library
Wednesday, March 27, 2013, 9:00 - 10:30
In attendance: Marcia Barrett, Christy Caldwell, Greg Careaga, Robin Chandler, Elizabeth Cowell, Mary DeVries, Frank Gravier, Christy Hightower, Ann Hubble, Lee Jaffe, Ken Lyons, Kate McGirr, Annette Marines, Nicholas Meriwether, Lucia Orlando, Beth Remak-Honnef, Kerry Scott, Ginny Steel, Sarah Troy.
Called to order: 9:03.
1. Welcome and announcements.
- Steel announced that, following a review of the R&PD funds allocation, the amount available to each librarian has been increased $263.22 (proportional to appointment).
- Orlando announced that another General Membership meeting will be held later in the spring to report on the LAUC statewide assembly.
-LAUC-SC nominating committee, chaired by Jaffe, is soliciting nominations for LAUC-SC officers.
2. Additional Agenda items.
3. CoUL Plans and Priorities document discussion.
LAUC statewide is seeking feedback on the University of California Libraries Systemwide Plan and Priorities, FY 2013-2016 (distributed to LAUC-SC via email on 3/13/13).  Orlando clarified that LAUC will use responses from their survey to inform discussion at the LAUC assembly and to provide feedback to CoUL.
Steel provided context for the document. The CoUL Plans and Priorities is a rolling document with a three year timeline.  Discussion and review of the priorities is done annually in June and the document is revised to indicate new actions, ongoing priorities and actions completed but being monitored.
The priorities and initiatives have been included in light of CoUL's best understanding of available resources and feasibility.
In order to solicit local feedback Orlando led members through the LAUC survey. Survey questions, in bold, are followed by local comments:
   1) What's missing from the document that you feel is important to address/include?
- The document lacks discussion of assessment and evaluation.
- Expansion of discussion on how the build and leverage of expertise (goal 6) would be carried out at the campus level, e.g. support for staff training and development. There is an opportunity for more conversation here.
   2) What do you feel are the highest priorities among those outlined in the document? Include rationale for your selections.
Orlando noted that the focus here should be on which of CoUL's priorities are the highest priority of LAUC.
- Building and leveraging expertise (goal 6). LAUC's engagement in this discussion (what shape will that take, LAUC should examine)
- Maximizing discovery of and access to information resources (goal 3). In particular the sharing of material like learning objects.  The initial design process should assume a systemwide audience, development should take place with collaboration in mind. It was noted that there is a role here for the new advisory structure which can encourage a collaborative relationship between campuses.
   3) Drawing on your operational experience and perspectives, which of the priorities listed in the document are feasible/practical with UC's existing resources/staffing/expertise?
None noted. 
Steel clarified that the priorities adopted are done so with an understanding of feasibility and costs.
   4) Which activities should the UC library stop performing in order to accommodate/achieve the stated priorities?
None noted.
The question provides an opportunity for broader discussions, e.g. how to solicit information from patrons about their priorities for services would inform this. Can an effective method of collecting good data systemwide be established?
Systemwide we should continue to seek opportunities for efficiency and sharing, e.g. HOPS report on learning objects. Challenges noted were the lack of uniform culture across UC and an unwillingness to consider sacred cows or revisit traditions of library service.
   5) What concrete next steps or action items related to the document and its contents should LAUC undertake following the Assembly or should LAUC recommend to CoUL?
- Continue to articulate librarian competencies and skills.
- Advocate for professional development support to provide training in support of competencies.
4. PAPA Rep Draft Documentation.
Hubble, CAPA chair, led the discussion. Over the course of two brown bag sessions hosted by CAPA a list of  recommendations to the proposed PAPA Rep document has been crafted by LAUC-SC.  With the exception of the recruitment chronology, which is due to be completed and presented for LAUC's review shortly, the PAPA-Rep document is ready for members to vote yes or no to endorse the recommendations. Lyons moved to so vote, Scott seconded. Fifteen members voted in favor of the recommendations, none against, one abstaining. In two weeks AUL-HR McGirr will provide LAUC-SC with a final version of the PAPA-Rep document.
Orlando and the LAUC-SC membership thanked Hubble for her leadership in bringing this issue to resolution.
The meeting was adjourned at 10:13 a.m.
Respectfully submitted by LAUC-SC Secretary, Frank Gravier, 3/27/13