LAUC SC General Membership Meeting 12-8-11


LAUC General Membership Meeting
Room 4221
Thu Dec 8, 10:30-11, with CAPA Report/Workshop to follow from 11-12.
Present: Ginny Steele, Kate McGirr, Greg Careaga, Lee Jaffe, Annette Marines, Ken Lyons, Ann Hubble, Beth Remak-Honnef, Lai-Ying Hsiung, Lucia Orlando, Frank Gravier, Debbie Murphy, Christy Hightower, Karen Mokrzycki, Nicholas Meriwether, Sarah Troy, Elizabeth Cowell, Christine Bunting, Kerry Scott
Report from chair (AM):
-Assembly Update
We’re still waiting to hear from statewide on final decisions. Later AM will be sending out a call for local help to work on a website, hotels, etc. 
-LAUC-SC Annual report from 2010-11
Statewide had asked for divisional reports, and the document sent out in advance of the General Membership Meeting is slightly abridged version of that. In includes summarized committee reports, how budget was spent, and professional activity. After a comment period, the report will be accepted as final at the next Executive Board meeting. The bylaws do not address this report’s contents or procedure.
-UF Survey/COLASC endorsement/Assistance with advertising
COLASC recommended we include the colleges in our survey efforts, and the colleges helped with advertising.
-Brownbag held on CPG report, notes handed off to L Jaffe
-Participation in COLASC grad/faculty questionnaire
COLASC is still working on developing questions. The survey will hopefully go out in winter. AM sent questions out for feedback earlier this quarter.
Report from R&PD chair (LO):
-LAUC statewide grant deadline
A call has gone out. The deadline for proposals is January 13th. If you get a draft to LO by Jan 6, she can help you through the process, give feedback, etc. The letter that’s the call is also on the LAUC website. Different kinds of grants have different requirements. Be aware of them and check LAUC website and/or ask LO for more info.
-Local RPD committee
Has been formed. LO, CC as statewide rep, and KL.
-Other activities
Establishing a publishing support group - LO, CC, KF. The group plans to create best practices document with information and tools for publishing. Survey will be coming about whether the membership is interested in publishing and what kind of support would be helpful. The group will not cover presentations or review criteria.
Report from General Committee chair (AM for SP):
-LAUC grants brown bag
Will be held tomorrow at noon in 4221 to discuss research and travel grants - will discuss types, timing, etc. 
Report from Statewide:
-CPG update - LJ
LJ is our new representative to the Professional Governance Committee. His first call for the committee was last month. They discussed the committee’s regular charge. They look at divisions making changes to bylaws. The group is trying to establish framework, deadlines, etc. The other piece of their charge is continuing work on next gen LAUC member report, which came out in June. Our local discussion was in September. Other divisions are going to have their own brown bags, and LJ is organizing the notes from our brown bag to share with the statewide group.
Announcement from Beth: 
Job almost ready to be advertised. K McGirr will let us know when .
Do send to lists, etc., to advertise, but tell Kate so she can keep track and prevent duplication.
Initial review date is January 13.
The meeting then moved on to the CAPA workshop. Minutes are or will be posted on the CAPA Minutes page.