LAUC-SC General Membership Meeting 12-4-03

LAUC General Membership Meeting
Minutes, December 4, 2003

Present: Christine Bunting, Greg Careaga, Cheryl Gomez, Margaret Gordon, Frank Gravier, Lai-ying Hsiung, Ann Hubble, Cynthia Jahns, Ken Lyons, Paul Machlis, Annette Marines, Kate McGirr, Larry Millsap, Karen Mokrzycky, Debbie Murphy, Sheila O'Hare, Lucia Orlando, Beth Remak-Honnef, Catherine Soehner, Deb Turner, Bob White

Announcements: On behalf of the librarians, Paul and Kate will coordinate a holiday party for staff on December 18, from 2-4 p.m., in the staff room. Librarians will bring desserts; staff are also invited to contribute refreshments if they wish.

Toy drive: Lucia will coordinate this year's toy drive and will email an announcement to all staff with logistics.

LAUC Fall Assembly: Annette Marines and Greg Careaga will attend as UCSC representatives; Cynthia Jahns will also attend as a committee chair.

CAPA Report: The CAPA Report was accepted by LAUC membership. Several questions were raised concerning accelerations and the standards for same, especially since written guidance is lacking. Currently, there is no grievance procedure for reviews in which advancement/acceleration is denied. The deciding officer may make this decision unilaterally under the terms of the MOU. This is contrary to the situation for faculty. The Faculty CAP may override the dean's decision, and faculty members also have the option of a merit equity review by a separate confidential committee (which may be appealed to during the review process or during the rest of the year). The librarians' MOU provides a grievance procedure only for irregularities in process.

UL Recruitment: Four candidates are scheduled for campus visits. Their CVs will be available on the web. Each candidate will speak on a topic of his/her choosing related to the challenges faced by research universities.

Minutes by Sheila O'Hare (Secretary).