LAUC-SC General Membership Meeting 12-3-98

LAUC/SC General Membership Meeting

LAUC/SC General Membership Meeting

December 3, 1998

Present: Blackmer-Reyes, Bunting, Dyson, Gordon, Gravier, Hubble, Jaffe,

Jahns, Marie, McGirr, Millsap, Mokrzycki, Murphy, Remak-Honnef, Ritch,

Soehner, Turner.


1. The LAUC/SC website has been updated and is now current.

2. The Executive Board is planning to invite new EVC John Simpson to

the library in Winter Quarter to meet with Library staff.

3. A MAC G3 laptop has been purchased for LAUC/SC use.

4. UCSC has been confirmed as the site of the Fall 1999 LAUC Assembly.

1998 LAUC Fall Assembly

All LAUC members are encourage to attend the Fall Assembly on Friday,

December 11 at UCSF. Murphy noted that the report of the LAUC Professional

Governance Committee will include recommendations for additional steps

in the Librarian Series, and distributed a copy of the letter from LAUC

President Kari Lucas supporting expansion of the AUL salary ranges.

General Committee Report

LAUC/SC programs for the Fall Quarter are now complete. The brown bag

lunch on November 20th generated several ideas for future programs.

Local Guidelines for Stipends for Library Managers/Supervisors McGirr

indicated that the policy which provides for payment of administrative

stipends was included with the PAPA/LS and APM hardcopy updates

distributed in January 1998. The local implementing guidelines required

EVC Tanner's approval and will now be included in PAPA/LS as a new


Minutes by Mokrzycki