LAUC-SC General Membership Meeting 12-14-06


McHenry Library Room 325

December 14 , 2006

Present: Ann Hubble (Chair), Kerry Scott (Vice-chair), Lai-Ying Hsiung (Secretary), Frank Gravier (CAPA Chair), Debbie Murphy (General Committee Chair), and Members: Kate McGirr, Ken Lyons, Christine Bunting, Karen Mokryziki, Beth Remak-Honnef, Fred Yuengling, Lucia Orlando, Margaret Gordon, Sue Perry, Sarah Troy, Lee Jaffe, Ginny Steel

Chair Ann Hubble called the meeting to order, a quorum being present.

LAUC Fall Assembly Update

Lise Snyder, LAUC President 2006-07, submitted a report on campus issues to the UL's, listing librarian recruitment and retention as a major concern. LAUC would like to work with the UL's to address the various aspects of the issue, at both the system-wide and local levels.

Murphy reported that she is working on arranging a LAUC sponsored library presentation by Michael Mateas to talk about the computer  game design major at UCSC.  To be held sometime before June.

The CAPA Report was reviewed, and the membership voted to accept the report. Steel and McGirr reported that they are working on the 2005 CAPA recommendations. Changes are to be made to local policies and procedures regarding the timing and content of reviews following both "No Advancement" and "No Change" actions. Request for IT support will be submitted by McGirr to update the PAPAREP/LS and PARA/LS.

The membership, in general, appreciates receiving extensive letters from the University Librarian as Deciding Officer, which address both past and future performance issues. However, discussions also focused on how to adhere to the Review Calendar and how to keep the parties informed when unexpected delays occurred. There will be many reviews this coming year, and librarians are advised to turn in their packets early.

General Membership Meeting ended at 10:25 am.

-Minutes by Hsiung