LAUC-SC General Membership Meeting 12-11-08

LAUC-Santa Cruz Executive Council Meeting Minutes

December 11, 2008

Present: Frank Gravier (Chair), Sarah Troy (Vice Chair), Deborah Murphy (CAPA Chair), Ken Lyons (General Committee Chair), Nicole Lawson (Secretary), and members: Christy Caldwell, Lee Jaffe, Ginny Steel, Lucia Orlando, Karen Mockrzycki, Kerry Scott, Elizabeth Cowell, Sue Perry, Annette Marines, Cynthia Jahns, Robin Dale, Christy Hightower, Danielle Kane, Christine Bunting, John Speagle, Greg Careaga, Lai-Ying Hsiung, and Ann Hubble.

1. Announcements: None

2. Research and Professional Development Report: Member Scott thanked the committee for their hard work on the report. Scott highlighted the following recommendations:


  • Although the library budget will likely shrink in the immediate future, LAUC will advocate for additional R&PD funds when the opportunity arises.


  • A survey of the handling of R&PD funds at other UC campuses, particularly UCI and UCB, should be conducted by the LAUC-SC R&PD Representative, currently member Mokrzycki, to determine the feasibility of rolling over unused funds or redistributing them to the newest LAUC members.
  • In order to provide clarity on funding for travel, the LAUC webpage should be updated to better explain the difference between Admin and R&PD funds and how split expenses between the two funds when appropriate. In addition, a formal training session with Financial Services' Connie Croker about the guidelines for funding and how to complete paperwork would be useful for new and experienced LAUC members alike.
  • Though a corporate charge card does not currently exist, LAUC will continue to explore this option with Admin as such an option would circumvent the need for the reimbursement process.

Before concluding the discussion of the report, UL Steel briefly clarified the expectations under Criteria 1 of the review process for professional development and travel. She reinforced the that Librarians at the Assistant rank are expected to gain competence in their primary job responsibilities and exhibit potential for greater professional involvement in the first steps advancement. Steel also recommended that all Librarians explore development options that do not require travel, such as writing articles, blog, book chapters or virtual conference attendance. With regard to Admin funded travel, there has been no official freeze to this funding, but no non-essential travel will be approved.

Action: The R&PD report will filed, posted to the LAUC webpage and discussed at the next Executive Council meeting.

3. Chair's Report: Gravier sent out a summary of the Fall Assembly report of 12/10. Information on presentations this year can be found here. Member Jahns was named as the Chair of the Statewide Diversity Committee. With regard to the LAUC-SC Ongoing Tasks list, Gravier would like rearrange and group the tasks under general topic headings during the next Executive Council meeting in order to make updating these tasks more manageable.

4. Vice Chair's Report: Troy has forwarded the statewide call for grant proposals, due 1/09/09. Member Hightower has joined the local R&PD committee. A statewide program to offer mini grants of $500 has been approved. Troy will forward the official information to the membership when she receives it.

5. General Committee Chair's Report: None

6. Secretary's Report: None

7. CAPA Chair's Report : Murphy attended the first meeting of the Ad Hoc Selection Committee for the Assistant Head of Technical Services. Murphy also sent out a draft of "Guidelines for of Criteria for Librarian Personnel Actions within UCSC Libraries" and asked for comment from the membership.



  • UL Steel stated that she would provide in-depth comments during the CAPA workshop following the General Membership meeting.
  • Member Perry reinforced that the problem of local participation is with LAUC in general, not just CAPA.
  • General Committee Chair Lyons commented that examples of activities that for advancement are included in part 3 would be useful in part 6 as well. In addition, he pointed out that part 7 defines a 'no action' review, but does not list any procedures.
  • Member Mockrzycki noted the document is a guideline rather than formal procedure. Procedural changes are a part of CAPA's charge, while LAUC is welcome to meet and comment on them.
  • Member Jaffe highlighted the need for a more in-depth discussion of the relative weight of review criteria.

Discussion of the guidelines was paused to be continued in the CAPA workshop immediately following the General Membership meeting.

Minutes by Lawson