LAUC-SC General Membership Meeting 11-9-04

LAUC General Membership Meeting 11/9/04

Present: Ken Lyons (Chair), Lucia Orlando (Vice Chair), Christy Caldwell (General Committee Chair), Catherine Soehner (CAPA Chair) and Members: Christine Bunting, Greg Careaga, Cheryl Gomez, Margaret Gordon, Lai-Ying Hsiung, Ann Hubble, Cynthia Jahns, Paul Machlis, Annette Marines, Karen Mokrzycki, Debbie Murphy, Kerry Scott, Bob White, Fred Yuengling

1.     Announcements:

      Lucia Orlando is taking minutes for Sue Perry, who is out ill.

      Soehner encouraged members to attend the Honored Faculty/Honored Books event at Science & Engineering on Wednesday, November 10th, 2:30 pm

2.     CAPA report:

Members participated in a lively discussion regarding comments which concerned the number of supervisors/review initiators present on CAPA for 2003-2004. It was acknowledged that this was an unusual situation and that CAPA has no way of making procedural changes to PAPA in this case. It was also noted that since these are elected positions, the nominating committee should keep this concern in mind when developing the ballot, and that members must agree to be nominated when asked. One recommendation put forward was to make CAPA a two-year rotating appointment, instead of an elected position. The LAUC Executive board agreed to consider this proposal and examine the possibility of forming a LAUC Bylaws committee at the next LAUC Executive board meeting.

A question arose regarding the mechanism for candidates to specify who should not be approached for letters. It was noted that a form for this circumstance is included in the review packet for each candidate.

3. Systemwide Strategic Directions for Libraries and Scholarly Information Report:

This report replaces the Salmon report from 1974 and sets the pace and standard for the direction of the library. Divisional comments are due in Spring, but some elements of the report are already being implemented. A copy of this report is available at

Lyons outlined the problems (diminishing budgets, proliferation of scholarly information and formats, lack of unifying technologies, rapid changes in technology, and increasing financial and operational interdependence), and the recommended actions (shared collections in all formats, shared facilities (RLFs, dim/dark archives), shared services (Melvyl, UC-eLinks, Request, VDX, cataloging, acquisitions, ERMS etc.), persistent access/digital preservation, and alternatives in scholarly communication.

Members shared their concerns about the report, including: Proven cost savings; access undergrads need immediate access; does a shared copy equal shared access?; lack of system-wide commitment to addressing and understanding local workload issues; lack of recognition for differences between campus needs when enacting uniform systems; LAUC role in shared project management; implementation problems including little or no consequences for failure to implement; more financial and personnel impact on campuses in relation to CDL; larger campuses can afford more does this mean a two- tier UC system and what s the smaller campuses fair share?; small collections (Maps, Gov Pubs, Slides and Film) must have adequate opportunity for input into plans.

LAUC Fall Assembly Report:

A new format was used this year, with a greater emphasis on program content of interest to the general membership. The highlights of the assembly include:

LAUC President Terry Huwe s statement that Assemblies would be more focused on outreach and methods to expand LAUC s voice and input within UC and throughout librarianship (particularly through eScholarship and prospective white papers)

Director of UCOP Office of Academic Personnel Myron Okada was presented with a plaque and LAUC life membership for service as UCOP liaison to LAUC

Members of SOPAG participated in a roundtable discussion of the function and purpose of SOPAG and provided information about current projects such as the JSTOR dim archive, digitization projects, system-wide digital reference project, shared services such as UC-eLinks, preservation, MetaLib and ERMS

A faculty panel of UC professors who are variously members of campus committees on the library or the system-wide University Committee on the Library (including Rogers Brubaker [Sociology UCLA], Ben Crow [Sociology UCSC], Martin London [Anesthesiology UCSF], Andre Ouellette [Biology UCI] and Elaine Tennant [German UCB]) provided faculty viewpoints on library function and necessity to scholarship and instruction from humanities, social sciences, science and medical perspectives. Some faculty are concerned about the viability of moving to the eScholarship model in terms of prestige, authority and cost (particularly regarding CAP issues). Concern was also expressed regarding unique v. ubiquitous library; local v. centralized collections.

3.     LAUC Executive Board Meeting

Lyons reported the following from the Executive Board meeting:

      General agreement that all-program Assembly was success and generated interest, discussion and ideas; President Huwe to pursue faculty ideas with Academic Senate

      Ad hoc committee proposed in response to Kari Lucas s white paper on formalizing instructional role of librarians in APM

      Discussion of Strategic Directions to take place over following months (CDL desperate for input)

      White paper proposals: privacy, copyright/fair use, information literacy, scholarly communication (LAUC Web site to be used as staging area for wider publication)

      Next President s column on librarian pedagogy (with reply from Kari Lucas)

      Honoraria for white papers discussed, but decision made to provide travel and expenses support instead

Minutes by Lucia Orlando 11/10/04