LAUC-SC General Membership Meeting 11-7-02

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LAUC / SCX Meeting Minutes, 11/7/02 General Membership Meeting

Make sure you've marked your calendar for the CAPA Workshop Thursday, Dec. 5th, 9:00-10:30 in McHenry Room 325.

Thursday 11/7/02 McHenry Room 325

Present: Turner (Chair), Careaga (Vice Chair), Lyons (General Committee Chair), Machlis (CAPA), Orlando (Secretary) and members: Bunting, Caldwell, Chesley, Dyson, Gomez, Gravier, Hightower, Hsiung, Marines, McGirr , Millsap, Mokrzyzcki, Remak-Honeff, Scott, Wei, Yuengling,

Chair Deborah Turner called the meeting to order.

1. Lan Dyson reported that Proposition 47 has passed.
2. Important LAUC dates:

  • December 5th LAUC SC CAPA workshop 9-10:30
  • December 6th LAUC Fall Assembly
  • December 12th LAUC SC Meeting

3. Professional Governance Committee will be meeting to discuss their annual report. Members are encouraged to attend meeting Tuesday Nov. 19 ( 9-10 room 325 McHenry), and send comments to Deb Turner. Details will follow in an email.
4. EScholarship presentation taking place after the General Membership Meeting, from 10-12 in room 167.

CAPA REPORT (Sue Chesley)
The CAPA Report was reviewed, and as there were no recommendations no membership vote was required.
Chesley noted the number of requests for acceleration, and the membership agreed it bears watching, but at this point there is not enough information to identify a trend. Members discussed two other comments solicited from the CAPA interviews. One involved concern that requests for additional information slowed down the process. The membership agreed that while additional requests do slow down the process, ultimately the content of the packet is more important to the review process than strict adherence to the review calendar. A second comment related to the value of the inclusion of cumulative information in the bio-bib supplement. The membership felt that cumulative information is included for the convenience of the candidate and that CAPA is able to evaluate the correct review period, regardless of additional information. The membership determined that no change in PAPA/LS was required to address this comment.

1. Deb Turner and Greg Careaga will be attending the statewide LAUC Executive Board meeting December 6th.
2. Spring Assembly: The LAUC Chair and Vice Chair are invited to attend.
3. Committee on Professional Governance Annual Report. Turner will send an email with links to the report and background information. The group agreed a meeting should be scheduled to solicit feedback.
4. Turner reported on the 11/1/02 LAUC Executive Board meeting. It included follow-up info about tips for Review Initiators, which she will send to LAUCSC.
5. Turner clarified that the LAUC Information Literacy Task Force is separate from the HOPS taskforce created by SLASIAC.
6. Turner circulated a draft agenda for the Fall Assembly
7. The LAUC budget is currently $2351.00. This figure includes the $1200.00 allocation for this fiscal year

Minutes from the October meeting were approved

The CAPA workshop will be held December 5th , 9:00-10:30, in Room 325.

The possibility of acquiring a subscription to Library Literature or LISA is being investigated.

The letter regarding the Campus housing policy was presented to the Campus Welfare Committee. A response from Leslie Sunell is expected sometime in the future.

Minutes by Lucia Orlando (Secretary)