LAUC-SC General Membership Meeting 11-6-97

LAUC-SC Membership/Annual CAPA Report Meeting

November 6th, 1997 8:30 a.m. Room 325, McHenry Library

Present: Mokrzycki, Dyson, Gordon, McGirr, Augustine, Millsap, Machlis, Ramirez, Ritch, Chesley, Gomez, Jahns, Soehner, Murphy, Chang, D. Turner, Hubble, Wei, Welborn, Yuengling, Bunting

Soehner called the meeting to order.

1) R&PD formula

Soehner asked if there were any questions regarding the R&PD formula. Little discussion followed and it was quickly put to a vote.

The new R&PD formula was passed, with 18 CAPA members voting in favor of the new formula..

2) Annual CAPA Report

Machlis asked for any comments about the CAPA report. Gordon noted that out of 16 reviews, CAPA agreed with 10, leaving a high number of disagreements. Dyson noted he would want to wait and look at an additional year before noting alarm.

Yuengling noted all 6 cases where CAPA disagreed, were different from each other and that CAPA felt solid about the differences.

The 3 recommendations listed in the CAPA report were discussed. An added recommendation was also discussed.

Added Recommendation:

Append to Appendix XXI II.5 the following sentence: Copies of the CAPA recommendation are sent to the reviewee and review initiator.

All Recommendations were passed by a majority.

Meeting was adjorned at 9:25 a.m.