LAUC SC General Membership Meeting 11-23-09

The LAUC General Membership Meeting
Wednesday, June 2,
10:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m.
McHenry 2353.
Minutes: Debbie Murphy

1) Announcements (ST)
Welcome to Nicholas Meriwether

2) New LAUC-SC webpage (DM)

New LAUC-SC webpage is now available from both the public and staff library web sites.

3) CWC report (AM)
AM is drafting a job description for the library role on this committee to be reviewed by the LAUC-SC ExBd.  Will try to make a truly representative position, getting input from all LAUC members.

Campus Provost EVC search still continuing.  Encouraged colleagues to comment using online feedback forms.

Last CWC meeting to happen in June.

4) Chair's Report (ST)
Still working on arranging a DOT presentation for the library

Statewide LAUC phone call:
- Passed a resolution regarding statues of school librarians
- Calls for new representatives to various statewide committees
- HOPS continuing QuestionPoint, changed from pilot program to regular service.
- The CAPA Task Force on Special issues looking a librarians reviews and the distinguished step. They have a report at “
- Report from Committee on Professional governance.  Will be a survey coming out on the future of UC librarianship topics.

Discussion regarding LAUC representation on campus wide committees.  ST will ask members to list current memberships and for ideas on potentially useful committees to target.  Will share this with LAUC statewide.

5) Vice Chair's Report (NL)
- All R&PD paperwork will be due 7/6/10.  Contact Connie if unable to meet this deadline.

- Additional $600 available to members attending 3 ALA’s in the coming year.

- Setting up training for Connexis.

- Planning Travel Funding options Brown Bad sometime at the end of June or beginning of July.

6) R&PD statewide update (KL)
Reviewed LAUC grants and funding approvals.

7) General Committee Report (BRH)
- One more Brown Bag in July

- Needs spots filled in LAU-SC slate.  Nominees were solicited at the meeting and our June 17 elections will be help electronically.

8) Secretary's Report (DM)


9) CAPA Chair's Report (LJ)
Review files are in process

PAPA LS for represented librarians revisions:
- A revised draft will be available online
- CAPA trying to create a more organized and cohesive document.
- Will try and finalize new layout/organization by Fall 2010.

10) CPG update (LO)
- Charged to form a statement on the Future of Libraries.  Blog available on LAUC statewide web site.

- Will organize Brown Bag to encourage local discussion.