LAUC-SC General Membership Meeting 11-23-09

LAUC General Membership Meeting
November 23, 2009  9:00-11:00
McHenry Library

Minutes: DM

1) Announcements

2) Counter Offer Task Force Report (KL, PM, KMc)

Text is linked from LAUC-SC website.  This task force was assembled last year to investigate the counter offer process and takes into consideration research done on practices at other campuses as well as APM and MOU restrictions.  Current point of discussion is CAPA's involvement in the process.   CAPA prefers involvement when increases are recommended, but report says advancements should be subject to the full review process and counter offers should be separate from career steps.  Discussion will continue on this topic.

3) Laptop Use Guidelines

These are posted on the LAUC-SC website.  The process is working well so far.

4) Mini Grant Update 

Cynthia Marconi and Annette Marines received these.  AM will investigate how instruction programs are organized at other campuses, still in research phase for now.  Question: Do we need to worry about providing information for WASC accreditation as UCSD is doing now?

5) Chairs Report (ST)

ST referred colleagues to the LAUC Fall Assembly (12/3/2009 at UCB) website for info on focus of this session: mass digitization and the role of UC Librarians and Libraries in the 21st century.   Professional Governance committee will lead this discussion.  It was noted that the UC Commission on the Future did not mention libraries or librarians.  KL attended their meeting here at UCSC and brought this to their attention.  A video of this meeting is available at:

6) Vice Chair's Report (NL)

Call for R&PD grants went out and applications are due 1/9/10.  (Note that AM indicated that these grants have been used to fund presentations at conferences.)  NL presented results of R&PD survey as well as data from Connie Croker covering spending over the last few years.  10 out of 25 librarians responded with comments noted distributed handout.  This handout will be posted on the LAUC-SC website.   Given renewed interested by membership, NL will resend the survey out along with a new due date.

7) General Chair's Report (BRH)

"Brown Bag" discussion went well at El Palomar.  Next one will be held sometime in March.

8) Secretary's Report (DM)

No report

9) CAPA Chair's Report (LJ)

CAPA Workshop to be held Dec. 9, 2009 from 2:00-4:00.

10) CAPA Report 2008-2009 (DM)

The report was accepted by the membership.  DM presented an overview of the report and noted that it is posted on the LAUC-SC website.  KMc commented that she has already started meeting with review initiators to go over the review process for the coming cycle.

11) Discussion of PAPA/LS Revisions (KMc/LJ)

Latest AFT negotiations straightened out the MOU criteria.  The original is collected in various appendices.  Now instead there are two new articles available to guide creation of local procedures.  The changes included in these revisions reflect the changes covered in these articles.

The revisions address areas such as the role of the AUL when they are not the review initiator, as well as procedures for review with a 'No Action' decisions, retention procedures and clarification of definitions.  Library administration and CAPA will come back to the membership with a more simplified iteration of these revisions.  The aim is to come up with a more streamlined and useful tool.

The current PAPA/LS is disorganized.  It has 23 chronological appendices and needs organization for easier use.  KMc has deconstructed these so that they now fall under Appendix 15, which relates to the review process.   CAPA will continue work with KMc on this process.

CAPA recommended that LAUC provisionally accept the changes proposed in the revisions to PAPA/LS as a working document.

Comments and Questions:

- Concern that adding additional AUL steps may extend the review process.  However, CAPA felt this step necessary, so it will mean the review calendar will need to be closely followed.

- Regarding goals and objectives – KMc will continue to revise this portion.  This may end up outside of PAPA/LS, but library administration is invested in the process.

- It is difficult to use the SMART grid when dealing with areas hard to quantify or measure.

- RI should also be in discussion with AUL regarding Goals and Objectives so that they meet the criteria for advancement.  It is the responsibility of the RI to keep library goals in mind when creating them for the reviewee.

- Think of Criteria 1 as benefitting from the activities of Criteria 2-4.

- The AUL when not the immediate review initiator can serve as a resource person for the RI.

- Regarding expectations around letters, RIs have been asked to meet with candidates to figure out whom to ask for letters.