LAUC-SC General Membership Meeting 11-1-01

Make sure you've marked your calendar for the CAPA Workshop Thursday, Dec. 6th, 9a.m. location to be announced


McHenry Library

November 1, 2001 (DRAFT to be approved by membership)

Present: Larry Millsap (Chair), Deborah Turner (Vice-chair), Christy Caldwell (Secretary), Sue Chesley (CAPA Chair), Kerry Scott (General Committee Chair), and Members: Kate McGirr, Sheila O’Hare, Lai-Ying Hsiung, Ken Lyons, Christine Bunting, Karen Mokryziki, Paul Machlis, Annette Marines, Christy Hightower, Catherine Soehner, Beth Remak-Honnef, Deborah Murphy, Fred Yuengling, Lan Dyson

Chair Larry Millsap called the meeting to order, a quorum being present.


Deborah Murphy announced the Fall Assembly at Davis November 16, 2001. The executive board will meet November 15, 2001. Any issues or questions about the Assembly get in touch with Larry Millsap, Deborah Turner and Deborah Murphy. The chair for the General Governance is open; please announce your interest. Samples of systemwide grant applications are on the web. Web location to be announced.

LAUC-SC Cultural Diversity Committee has invited Sandra Rios Balderrama from ALA's Spectrum Initiative to give a talk. The committee is looking for comments from LAUC-SC members about possible topics.

The CAPA Report recommendations were reviewed, and the membership voted to accept the recommendations. The membership suggested a taskforce be convened to review strategies for librarian recruitment and retention.

General Membership Meeting ended at 9:20am.

-Minutes by Caldwell