LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 9-9-04

LAUC-SC Executive Council Meeting Minutes
September 9, 9:00 am
McHenry room 325
Present:  Lyons (Chair), Orlando (Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect), Perry (Secretary)

1.  Announcements


2.  Chair's Report

Lyons reported on the Statewide LAUC Executive 
Board transition meeting held in Oakland on Aug. 
20, 2004.  LAUC President Terry Huwe introduced 
his plan for his presidency.  See the initial 
communiqué from the LAUC President, online at 
for full details.  Lyons noted:

* The Fall Assembly will take place November 4 at 
UCB.  Members of SOPAG and the Statewide Academic 
Senate's Committee on the Library will make 
presentations.  All members of LAUC are 
encouraged to attend.  Huwe will be sponsoring 
the travel costs for 4 "newer" librarians 
(librarians with less than ten years of service) 
to the assembly. The Spring Assembly will be at 
UCSB, date to be announced.

* Huwe plans to institute a call for expressions 
of interest, and then charge two ad hoc 
committees to write scholarly white papers on 
"Copyright and Fair Use" and "Privacy Issues." 
These white papers will differ from the current 
LAUC Position papers in that they will be 
academic in nature and will be suitable for 

* Lyons also reported the standing committee 
charges are still in draft form, but Huwe expects 
the committees to address the following projects:

Committee on Committees, Rules, and Jurisdiction
The committee will fully review the LAUC bylaws 
in advance of the spring assembly, using the 
bylaws of ALA and ACRL as templates for changes. 
The committee will also explore the viability of 
creating "standing rules" for the standing 
UCSC's representative on this committee will be Karen Mokrzycki.

Committee on Diversity
The committee will continue to add links to the 
"Resources on Diversity" database and they will 
expand their work beyond issues of recruitment 
and retention.
UCSC's representative on this committee is yet to be determined.

Committee on Plans and Policies
The committee will rethink their charge, perhaps 
becoming an ad hoc committee of LAUC 
representatives to statewide committees such as 
HOPS, HOTS, RSC, and others.  This ad hoc 
committee will advise the executive board on 
relevant issues.
UCSC's representative on this committee will be Frank Gravier.

Committee on Professional Governance
The committee will report on the treatment of 
emeritus status for librarians on each of the 
campuses.  In addition, they will review and 
discuss the assistant and associate ranks of the 
librarian series.
UCSC's representative on this committee is Kerry Scott.

Committee on Research and Professional Development
The committee will collect and publish 
information on research outcomes of past 
grantees.  They will work with the LAUC Web 
manager to post these documents to the LAUC Web 
site and add appropriate publications to the 
eScholarhip site.  The call for grant proposals 
is out.  They are due to the local R& PD chair 
(Lucia Orlando) by January 3, 2005.
UCSC's representative on this committee will be Christy Hightower.

Lyons also reported that the UCSC library 
diversity committee would like to co-sponsor a 
program by Judy Kaufman , AUL for Administrative 
Services at UC Irvince, on communication between 
professionals and paraprofessional staff in the 
library.  Lyons will discuss the program with the 
General Committee Chair.

The LAUC Fall Assembly will conflict with the 
November LAUC-SC executive council meeting, which 
is also the usual date of the LAUC-SC fall 
general membership meeting.  As a result, the 
LAUC-SC Fall General Membership meeting will be 
either Tuesday, November 9th or Thursday, 
November 18th (depending on the fall LMG 
schedule).  The CAPA report, Professional 
Governance committee activities, and a report of 
the fall assembly are tentatively on the agenda.

3.  Vice Chair's Report

Nothing to report

4.  CAPA Chair's Report

No report

5.  General Committee Report

No report

6.  Secretary's Report

Perry reported she has updated the LAUC-SC 
website with current links.  She plans to 
overhaul the site and make it more usable. 
Orlando agreed to work with her on the project.

Sue Perry
Reference Librarian
Electronic Services Coordinator
University Library
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95064

chesley at   831-459-5590
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