LAUC-SC Executive Board Meeting Minutes, 9/6/12

LAUC-SC Executive Council minutes, 9/6/12, 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

In attendance: Christy Caldwell (Vice-chair), Frank Gravier (Secretary), Ann Hubble (CAPA chair), Lee Jaffe (General Committee chair), Cynthia Moriconi (LAUC member), Lucia Orlando (Chair).

Absent: Annette Marines (Immediate Past Chair)

Call to order.


- Past chair Marines is drafting an annual report for the division. A UCSC LAUC division report has already been submitted to LAUC Statewide.

- The Executive Council will hold meetings in McH 2320 for the year unless otherwise announced.


- LAUC Statewide Conference call update. Orlando reported on highlights from the call.  Much of the meeting was devoted to the business of transitioning to the new officers. There was discussion of the need to have division bylaw proposals for change reviewed. Jaffe reported that the Committee on Professional Governance is reviewing its charge to do this. Part of this review might include a timeline from CPG for the review of bylaw revisions.

Several committees still need volunteers (RSC and the Nominating Committee in particular). Orlando will forward any calls to the division.

The full minutes of the meeting can be found on the LAUC webpage <>.


- Orlando brought the Council up to date on how the planning process for the brown bag occurred.  The Council felt that addressing upper division instruction was very important. Council members were concerned, though, that due to the short period between the distribution of the proposal and the meeting LAUC-SC did not have sufficient time to review the proposal and provide feedback in fulfillment of our advisory role. Council agreed that we would monitor the program over the course of its Fall duration and give feedback on behalf of LAUC to Library Administration at the end of the calendar year.

2012-13 GOALS.

- Orlando provided a draft list of potential goals the Council might address in the upcoming year. They are:

1. Review and revise bylaws
Note: purpose is twofold - bylaws need general updating to reflect current practices.  And left over from last year was discussion of retaining or removing General Committee Chair.

2. Continue discussion "What does Next Generation Librarian mean at UCSC?"

3. Update Recruitment Calendar

4. Update and expand LAUC Buddy process document (web)

5. Support (track and monitor) revisions to PAPA (CAPA would take lead on this)

6. Open Access and Scholarly Communication
-Work with COLASC to support adoption of O/A by campus

7. Online Instruction
- Advocate for library considerations (licensing, funding, etc.)

8. Advocate advisory role of LAUC SC in library planning and strategic initiatives

Council will review and rank these on email for discussion at future meetings.


- Orlando will put out a call for volunteers to serve as the LAUC Buddy to the new Head of Technical Services, Marcia Barrett.  

Minutes submitted by Frank Gravier, 9/27/12